Devastated, will he make it?!?

I have a 1 1/2 yr old male cat, I had used SERGEANT’S flea drops on him over 24hrs ago. About 6hrs later he was using only his front paws to pull himself through our kitchen, I thought maybe it was from the flea drops, so I immediately washed him off 3 times’ . Well he was shaking, had eaten a little bit, just was’nt acting himself at all. Monday morning my daughter woke me up, and said he was still shaking. Monday he was shaking all day long, nothing bad, just thought maybe he was cold from the air being on. Well, gave him another bath, still shaking, not acting right. Later on Monday evening we gave him another bath trying to get all the stuff off his fur. After giving that bath to him, he started walkn a little bit, about an hour later he started having gran-mal seizures’, and has been having them every two hours on the hour. My son who has gotten this cat for his adhd, is totally devastated, upset, lost, confused, and is now blaming himself on our cat not doing good. I told him it’s not his fault, that it was this flea drop that had soaked through his skin, and that it’s from the toxins now in his blood stream.Our whole family is devastated on this, I didn’t know anything about any of these sights’ til I was searching to see what I can do for my cat. I’ve contacted my vet who refuses to take payments’, to get him seizure meds, and all he can tell me is to make sure he gets liquids’, and that seizures’ may last a while, all I know is when my cat has these gran-mal seizures’ whole body shakes,trembles, claws come all out, he almost chokes, and just watching the little tremors’, is tearing me up, I have no income to pay for him to go to vet right now, if anyone has any suggestions’ of what to do, or where to go to help my cat please let me know asap……Until then, we’ll be keeping him here at home, giving him all our love, and affection, giving him fluids, praying for the best…Sergeants’ Hartz, needs’ to be closed down. and if i would’ve know all this information first i wouldn’t have used it, and if i did I would’nt have thrown away my receipt of this purchase, I had seen on another site if you had package n receipt , then Hartz company would be responsibile for all vet expenses…..a little too late now.

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