No dead fleas … one dead cat.

Max ... before Hartz
Max enjoying the warmth of the unlit wood stove last Spring.

Here’s a photo of my once healthy and vibrant cat, Max. He was 10 years old, and fourteen pounds.

Friend to all who entered my home, he also enjoyed the companionship of dogs! When I had friends over, Max was the life of the party.

I buried him yesterday. He died as a result of my putting a Hartz flea collar on him and leaving it on for a week before noticing he was becoming lethargic, eating habits were changing, and his whole personality was changing. I found this site in an attempt to find out what might be the reason for his declining health, and was horrified to learn that I was poisoning him with what I thought to be a safe product. The collar came off immediately, but the damage had been done. After that, all I could do was keep him comfortable and cared for until the end.

If I’d only known beforehand … my dear pet would still be with me and I wouldn’t be writing this letter. Everyone I do know now knows Max’s story, and about this site. Thank You.

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  1. Maximus.. sorry for your loss. Like you, I have lost my cat, Bianca, on August 22nd. She suffered for 3 minutes! I just came back from Walmart – and my teenager son asked me to go to the pet department. A nice gentleman was trying to decide what flea treatment he should use for his pet. I promptly told him of this site and how my cat died within 3 minutes of Hartz’s product. He thanked me and did not buy it. I suggested he contact his vet for the best choice. It may cost more.. but what thought we were saving by buying Hartz product.. I would have spent in vet bills.
    I, too, will continue to pass on the word about what these terrible products do to our pets. Please know our prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  2. I too have lost a cat, apparently to the Hartz drops, as she was never ill before. She died on Saturday Sept.4, shortly after I spoke with the Hartz medical phone line rep. Are there autopsy reports, [have there been any autopsies?] I am not sure about how we go about proving this medically. Are we an organization? Can we apply for legal status to appeal to have these products removed from the shelves?

  3. My deepest condolences for your loss Maximus, I know what it’s like to lose a beloved pet, but I never lost one to Hartz thank God.

    To think this could’ve been me, amazingly my cats survived these flea collars and their personalities are back to where they were before. Similar symptoms overall, lethargicness, personality change, etc. And the collars are useless. If there was any way to have this garbage pulled from shelves, I’d be all over it!

  4. Well just lost my cat after installing a Hartz collar. thought I was helping when I saw her scratching at fleas.

  5. We have never lost an animal because of these products, but I can attest that the fleas long ago developed a resistance to flea collars. The only thing that really works anymore is the oral meds from your vet. Don’t try to cheap out. Go see your vet for flea control products. Anything else is a waste of money at least, and may harm your furry buddy at worst.

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