Thank You For Saving My Pet’s Life!

I dunno what to say… I swear I feel so stupid and so frustrated.

Yesterday I discovered that my Sheltie of a year and a half Benny (A mini Lassie if u want) had fleas.. so I was concerned, ran to Rite Aid and the ONLY product I see there was a HARTZ.. i come back home, apply the shampoo and put the actual flea control thing.

Afterwards. I decided to come online just to check HARTZ reviews OUT OF CURIOUSITY, I see this website.. I BECOME HYSTIRICAL took Benny and washed him  right away and kept him under supervision..

NOW WHERE THE SCARY PART COMES.. I realize after that that some of my dog’s fur have LITERARELY melted and got mixed up so i had to cut some of it because it had formed like a SOLID BALLS OF HAIR… It was REALLY weird.. at first i thought some of the people here are exagerating but now i know it is the truth..

I thank God it was ONLY his fur..  I don’t care, the Fur will grow back but YOU GUYS HAVE SAVED BENNY’S LIFE SO THANK YOU because if it weren’t for you, i wouldn’t have acted and washed it away ASAP.


3 Replies to “Thank You For Saving My Pet’s Life!”

  1. I find this hard to believe. If this was the case, don’t you think your fingers would have been eaten away by the mere touch of it on your skin. I’ve used it for ages and have never had any issues with this on my cat nor my dog.

  2. I SWEAR this is what happened.. I should have posted some pictures… I dunno whether there was a reaction between the Hartz Shampoo and the actual Flea thing but I cannot even begin to describe how bad it looks.. u would see some of Benny’s hair ALL melted and collided together..

  3. Unfortunately it is true. My ex husband and myself used this a few yrs ago on a 1.5 yr old tabby and 2 kittens of age. The tabby about 2 hrs later began screaming and tugging at her neck. I noticed her fur in places had melted together. My ex grabbed the kittens and began bathing them as i started washing the junk off the older tabby. she had what looked like acid burn around her neck (the kittens were perfectly fine save for some melted fur and a few bald spots) the elder of them lost all the fur around her neck, and was constantly enduring bandage changes for the next 6 mnths. her fur from then on was sparse on her neck. Both my ex and I recieved minor skin irritation as well. We never will use a product like those again.

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