A Sincere Thank You From A Grateful Cat Owner

Two weeks ago, I adopted an adorable four month old black kitten named Elroy. Unfortunately when I adopted Elroy, I also adopted his fleas and they also took up residence in my six month old kitten named Tibbs. I decided to go the cheap route and I bought a pack of Hartz Ultraguard 3 in 1 for kittens and cats. I put the flea drops on my kittens Monday morning of last week and then went about my business. My cats fortunately did not have any adverse reactions, but for some reason, something possessed me to look up this product Monday evening. I typed the product into Google and immediately came upon this site. Upon reading a couple of your stories, I immediately whisked my cats into the sink and thoroughly washed them with Dawn soap. They were scheduled to go to the vet the next day for a checkup, and I mentioned this to her. She told me about how she’s had to treat quite a few cats and dogs who were seizing from this product (unfortunately she said that most did not survive). I sincerely want to thank all of you who have shared your stories on this website. I believe that you all have helped to save my cats. I just can’t tell you how sorry I am about the ordeals that you and your pets have had to go through. It breaks my heart to read the posts on here, but you guys are doing a great thing in sharing your stories. I would love to see Hartz clean up their act or completely shut down (even better) but until then, I will keep you and your pets in my thoughts and prayers.

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  1. I am glad that in some way my pet’s loss is your pet’s gain. Please tell everyone you know… even if my post helps only you.. then my post was worth it!

  2. homermom, my deepest condolences to you for the loss of your beloved pet to this plague of a product. Erin K., I am glad that you, like me, saw the light in time. I had Hartz Flea and Tick Collars on my cats for two weeks before one of them broke off, and noticed a change in their personalities during that time, read my story to find out more about what went down.

    Either way though, Hartz sucks, and you bet I will never use a product from this company again! Their practice is terrible, and I am glad to see others are seeing the light about the garbage they produce. Hopefully this website and others brings more people here and helps them learn about what a joke this company really is.

  3. My main reason for posting the story about Chewch was the hope of preventing others from using their products…..I am lucky my Yorkie Chewch survived. I am currently putting together the paperwork as requested from Hartz including Chewchs’ Health history, Vet Bill receipts, statements from the Vet who treated him etc after receiving a Case number from Hartz.
    Once all is received…it will take about 2 months I am told to be reviewed….Im not holding my breath awaiting the reimbursemenmt for the $1,000 I shelled out in Vet Bills nor having Hartz admit to any culpability.I am thankful that Chewch is alive.
    I am glad your cats were not harmed.

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