Praying for my Beloved 13 yr old Yorkie

I love my 13 yr old   6 lb Yorkie Chewch and consider him as much a part of my family as my 5 yr old Son.  As a rule I don’t like to use chemicals on any of my pets such as Frontline etc but realize sometimes they may be needed . When my wife brought home the Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick drops I figured we would give it a try ; that maybe it wont be as harsh as Frontline and I trusted a company as old as Hartz .  Even then because he is a small Yorkie…I used less than the recommended dosege for his size and weight and on account he is an older dog.

Well we are keeping our fingers crossed and praying. A day or so after  applying the Hartz Ultraguard  Chewch began to vomit and have severe diarreah. He became lethargic and could hardly stand up. We quickly went to the Vet who took blood, gave him subQ liquid injections for dehydration and medicine to control the vomiting and diarrhea.  As much as I hated to do it because he was so sick…I gave Chewch a quick Bath too. The next day we got the news……very high Kidney blood numbers- possible Kidney malfunction.  The Vet  asked if we changed anything or “gave him anything “. I mentioned we used Hartz brand Flea and Tick drops which his assistant replied “Oh no…not good”…you should use Frontline” but did not elaborate so I just figured they were just trying to sell their product as opposed to the  otc   product.

It was’nt until a co-worker who is vehemently against the use of all of these Flea /tick pesticides, even many of the controversial shots that are given annually… opened my eyes and said to look into the possibility that it was this Hartz product that caused my Yorkies illness. He said I should check if other pet owners have had similar incidents with Hartz too.

After reading all of the horrible stories here  it didnt take long for me to put the puzzle together noting the similarities of Chewchs symptoms to many of the Victims here.    Ok so can I prove  that Hartz UltraGuard did this to Chewch…maybe not. All I know are the  above facts  as well as the many similar stories and incidents here which strongly point to the possibility that Hartz Ultraguard nearly killed my Yorkie.  I can only  find comfort in saying  “nearly killed” Chewch because he has slowly improved over the past few days but may not be out of the woods yet. You can bet that Hartz will be getting a vehement phone call and a letter from me blasting them for their use of this Terrible poison. What makes this even mor despicable is  …Hartz…a long standing company who I thought was in the business of bettering the health of Pets is putting out a product that they market as a remedy which clearly should be removed but have failed to do so for whatever reason.  I will be demanding that I be given a case number and be either wholly or partially compensated for the nearly $1,000 I had to pay out in Vet bills . I unfortunately will join the Alumni of other Pet Owners who have been Victimized by a clearly DANGEROUS Product. Please pray for my Yorkie Chewch. I will pray for all your Pets. Pass this on to any of your friends  and family who own pets as I have…DO NOT USE HARTZ.

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  1. My heart goes to you and your family, and pray for Chewch’s recovery. I’m the one who posted the story about my kitten and 7 year old son. I had to break the news to him that yet another thing he loved has passed away. he lost his dad 1 1/2 years ago. I am in total disbelief that a company can keep a product on the market like this! And Hartz of all people! They have a reputation for taking care of animals! I’ve been spreading the word so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. My thoughts and prayers are with you and i’m hoping for the best.


  2. Thanks Sharon… I look foward to spending more time with Chewch and Im looking foward even more to when I let loose on the people at Hartz over the phone come Tuesday. Will it do any good??? Probably not.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers Sharon

  3. I am very sorry to hear about your dog’s reaction to Hartz UltraGuard and hope that he will quickly recover.

    Contact Hartz as soon as possible and let them know what happened. Their phone number is (800) 275-1414. Find out from them how to submit your vet expenses for reimbursement.

    If Hartz refuses to help you, consider joining a class action lawsuit.

    Here is an article about several lawsuits that have been filed recently against Hartz and several other manufacturers of flea and tick products:

    For more information, please contact:

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

  4. Also, you or anyone else who has had a similiar experience should report it to the EPA. The information how to report is on the EPA website. There is also information on how to have your vet report.

  5. Thank You James and Pat!! I will go through the customary complaint process by calling and writing Hartz who are actually here in Secaucus NJ. The only concern I have is I had thrown the Hartz drops away after my initial visit to the Vet when I replaced it with some frontline and Heartworm pills for the year. This was before it occurred to me that the Hartz was indeed the problem as my Vet never “volunteered” or elaborated the possibility other than acknowledging his assistants statement that Hartz products were “No Good” That is a separate issue I will address as well when I speak with my Vet today.
    I was so upset and focused on Chewchs’ illness and on saving his life that I didn’t even consider the cause right away; that a product intended on remedying fleas would be the cause such a severe illness.
    Anyways I will be making calls but my research so far leads me to believe that the only impact my situation will have will be my story for others to learn by and my unfortunate “membership” here at as a Victim of this putrid company Hartz.

  6. BTW ….Good the news is I am cautiously optomistic to say now that Chewch has pulled through this ordeal; hopefully without any permanent damage, as he now seems to have returned to his normal self.
    He has returned to many of the little “Quirks” in his personality that separate Chewch from the crowd and make him so loveable. Even his baby brother or “Grandson” as I call him(my 1 year old Yorkie “Newton”) is back to normal as even he was depressed seeing Chewch being sick.

  7. I wanted to Thank everyone here who responded to my posts with equal hope and prayers for Chewchs’ recovery .I appreciated their kind words and prayers . It seems that my hope and optimism for Chewchs’ recovery soon turned to disappointment and despair.
    It saddens me to no end to have to report here that Chewchs’ recovery was short lived and seemed to be due to the masking benefits of the IV fluids and temporary antibiotics. As the week progressed..he started to develop complications due to his (I now know) permanent kidney damage undoubtedly caused by the Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick drops.
    By last Tuesday evening Chewch started having difficulty breathing, I brought him in for emergency treatment which amounted to Xrays and more blood work. His earlier blood levels were very high in numbers indicating Kidney failure and he had developed a Heart Mur Mur and an enlarged heart( Congestive Heart Failure). His blood numbers improved but were still unhealthy according to the new blood work.
    By Wednesday evening Chewch deteriorated to the point where I had no doubt what I had to do. I had promised not to allow him to suffer and I did not. I rushed him to the Red Bank Animal Hospital in NJ and spoke with the Vet on duty. He agreed… Chewch was suffering and assured me of my decision; that euthenasia was the best for him.
    I held Chewch in my arms and kissed him goodbye. The Vet was very compassionate and as I held Chewch in my arms I felt him draw his last breath. I kissed him again and cried as I felt his little heart beat stop through my fingertips.
    I am having a private cremation done for him on Thursday. I will miss my best friend Chewch. I am angry that something that is meant to help my Dog caused him to Die. Shame on Hartz.
    I do have a case number against Hartz for reimbursement for the nearly $1500 in Vet bills I have shelled out these past two weeks . I have to put together loads of paperwork , medical history and receipts which they require. I was told by the Hartz Rep that the case will be reviewed by thier “Board” and I will have an answer in about 90 days.

  8. I just lost my beautiful 11-1/2 yr old chihuahua “Duke” after sprinkling him with Hartz Ultra Guard one evening last week. We went to bed and when I woke up at about 4am, I found the bath rugs covered with his blood where he had tried to rub off the burning powder-5 days later, after caring for him thinking it was only a small allergic reaction-fluids and soft food-and he would bounce right back, my sweet doggie crawled up by me in the bed and died while I was sleeping. I have no idea he was so horribly ill and now I’m devastated with guilt. Thank you for sharing your story. I now believe the damage was too much by the time I had found Duke that first morning;all “burned” looking and shaking. Hartz has to be stopped.

  9. Dear Sunny,

    I am really sorry to hear this. Nearly 4 months after losing Chewch I still have some pretty rough times. I am fortunate that God somehow knew, as I am sure he does for others, that this loss would be partuicularly hard on me.
    Nearly a year before Chewch passed away, while traveling to visit friends we found an abandoned dog running around adjacent to a remote wooded area in Sussex County NJ along with three other dogs(possible escaped siblings from a puppy mill) whom ran from us. Well all except for one who ran right to us, dirty, scared hungry…loaded with twigs,plastic debris, stickers. After taking him to our friends home, bathing & brushing him out we found underneath a “polished gem”. A gorgeous Silver Blue Yorkie. We named him “Newton” after the town we found him in. I believe in my heart that God knew that Chewch would be taken from me. Of all the possible places to be, all the possible breeds of dogs , of all the people who stopped on the highway to catch these dogs Newton ran to us.
    Why do I say this to you?? I don’t know…How can this possibly help you??? Maybe its the only remotely good thing to come from this horrible ordeal which we now both share. Newton is the only “Good” thing, that and how well my 5 yr old son Vincent has been able to cope with it and how he reminds me that Chewch is in a good place in doggie heaven.
    As for the “Scoundrels” over at Hartz….they are of no use and remain despicably cowering behind the veil of unaccountability.
    I am very sorry for you, and all who had and will have to go through this with their pets. Honor “Duke” as he crosses over the “Rainbow Bridge” in to “Doggie Heaven” where its always playtime, where there are always treats and bellyrubs available to all.

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