my cat died 3 days after Hartz

Ok I feel just horrible. Our beloved family cat Spitz who I hand feed as her mother abandoned her just passed next to me in our home this morning at 7:30 AM pacific time. Spitz was 15 1/2 years young and a beautiful long haired calico female with golden green eyes. I originally purchased her a new flea collar about one month ago but she seemed to still have alot of fleas. She was warm loving and demanded to be brushed daily with a good appetite before given the Hartz one spot treatment. I gave it to her Thursday afternoon. The next day she was kind of sleepish but still eating and walking around demanding her normal attention. Then she started laying in weird places, then not eating and finally she would not move from the front of our refrigrator. Last night I wrapped her in a towel and she cried and had an potty accident. I cleaned her and put her in a bed with warm towels. This morning I went to pet her and she cried, I then tried to give her water with an eye drop and she would not drink it.  I called the emergency vet to take her in, then went to the bathroom to use it. I came out to check on her and she had stopped breathing. THEN I WENT ON LINE AND FOUND THIS STUFF ABOUT HARTZ!!! WHAT THE *UCK!! I’AM PISSED AND WILL NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT BY THEM. SHE WAS DEAD IN THREE DAYS AFTER HER TREATMENT OF HARTZ. YOU SCUM POISON KILLING CAT FREAKS

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  1. I am very sorry for you loss and recently lost my 16 year due to a stroke. I’m not saying that Hartz wasn’t responsible for your pet’s loss, however all brands of the topical flea medications tell you not to use them on elderly or very young kittens without a vet’s recommendation. Considering your cat’s age, the death could have be non-related and just coincidental that it occurred when it did.

  2. Kim,
    thank you for your concerns. I do believe it was Hartz as my 15 year old cat was very active and died quickly after her treatment of the hartz. After reading the symptoms of hartz syndrome I believe more likely than not Hartz is the main contributor for her death. The Hartz one spot directions of use say to not use for elderly cats with any medical condition ( she was healthy) and young kittens. Many cats live to be over age 20. If it is this toxic it should not be on the market period. I followed the directions. This is crap and kills animals period and should not be sold for any reason healthy or not to animals.

  3. I am so so sorry for the loss of Spitz. 15 yrs is a very long time for a cat and surely makes it that much more traumatic. I feel and understand your anger and posting it in your story serves greatly in relieving your frustration…and more so by helping getting the word out so others hopefully will be warmedbefore it is too late. You have my absolute sincere condolences.

  4. I’m sorry for your loss. We too just lost our kitten. Shadow was merely a year old and was extremely playful. He slept at my feet while I sat on the couch and he loved to play with my dog. My girlfriend gave him one Hartz ultra guard treatment and within a few days he was acting weird. Hiding behind the tv, under the tv stand, under the dresser, it just wasn’t him. A week after the treatment, her and I came home to find him dead under her daughters bed. I noticed the odd behavior for that week, but hadn’t known of the flea treatment. After some research, finding this out, I’m pretty sure this is the cause. Do NOT buy this terrible stuff. Makes me so angry.

  5. I used hartz flea drops on my cat on a friday night, on the monday he because very ill, started bleeding internally. We immediately took him to the vet and they started blood transfusions and treating him for toxic poisoning, within 24 hours my poor 6 year old healthy cat was dead. 900 dollars in vet bills and all because companies are allowed to sell toxic unsafe products. We have lost a valuable member of our family.

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