Hartz Brand at Target

Today I bought some flea medication for Zeus my 15 pound Himalayan cat, because he appeared to have a little flea infestation…I thought I’d save money and bought the Hartz Brand at Target. BAD IDEA! Zeus immediately started scratching and running around the apartment strangely, acting like it hurt (where I …put the stuff on the back of his neck) and began to act a little crazy there for a minute. After looking online I saw this site, and I took him in and bathed him thoroughly and repeated soaped him with Dawn. He is ok tonight but because of my quick action (I believe) that the stuff was on him only a few minutes, and he is ok. I have been keeping a close eye on him. He is eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and playing like normal. I am taking the stuff back to Target tomorrow and plan on asking them NOT to SELL THIS BRAND. Thank god I still have my baby. I am sad reading what happened to others on here.

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