Another innocent Hartz victim

My kitten Sugar was 5 months old with fleas.  She was an outdoor cat before my 7 year old and I adopted her.  I gave her a bath and then applied some of the Hartz flea drops for kittens over 3 months.  The only warning on the packet was “toxic to fish”.  Nothing about the danger it could cause.

She was catatonic, very sleepy.  I thought maybe she was just half-freaked from a bath.  The next day she didn’t eat or drink much and only wanted held.  I took her to the vet the next morning, they gave her a bath to get all the Hartz off of her and hooked her up to IV’s.  They kept her overnight.  Today they informed me she had fluid in her lungs from cardiac distress.  She held on a few more hours, but passed away this afternoon.

I broke the news to my 7 year old.  He lost his father a year and a half ago to cancer, and now he has another loss.  A useless loss that never should have happened.  I wish Hartz could have been with me to see my little boy sob.  They should be held accountable for this!

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  1. My deepest condolences for your loss, I can only imagine what your seven-year-old is going through, especially considering he lost his dad not too long before. I will pray for you and yours.

  2. I am so sorry for your Loss. I too am a Victim of a Hartz “POISON”. I am lucky so far that my beloved Yorkie appears to be improving. I feel so sorry for your 7 yr Old too. I have a 5 yr old who was so upset that his Yorkie may have to go to Heaven. You said it well……a Useless Loss…at the hands of a Useless lethal product masquerading as a remedy put out by a Useless Company who clearly doesnt give a damn!!!! God Bless

  3. I had the same incident. I have a 1 ½ years old Lassa Apso and I put the Hertz oil drops on him Wednesday night about 9pm. About 1:00 am he started acting crazy yelping, crying chasing his tail and salivating like mad. He would not settle down. He growled and snapped at me when I touched him, but then again he was begging for me to help him. I was up with him all night long until I was able to take him to his Vet at 0700 am. My Veterinarian told me there is a poison chemical in the Hertz flea and tick oil that gets into their blood stream and makes them crazy. She gave a few shots, a sedative and a medicine to stop the salivating. It was the saddest thing ever. I hertz to pay for my vet bill! Not sure if that would happen. But my poor puppy was so miserable and is doing much better now.

  4. My heart goes out to you and your little boy.When i read it i began to cry,i have two boys ages 2and3.I cant imagine what your son must be feeling.When i was a little girl and something bad like that happened my mom and dad would tell me that that my animal went to heaven and that they arent in pain.Believe me it helped me. I have a problem my kitten sammy(she is a girl)is around eight weeks old has long fur.I noticed she has fleas i gave her a bath picked probably around 15 fleas off of her,thought they were gone.Nope one week after her bath i noticed her scratching again looked really good and more fleas.Heres the problem i have 3 other cats that were abandoned like sammy i dont want them to get fleas,at the same time i want to be able to get rid of them witout hurting sammy.I am a hugh animal lover and am in need of help.Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

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