Sentry Pro Killed Our Cat

To start, I looked on the box of Sentry Pro’s cheapest spot-on version and I can’t find anything that even says that you shouldn’t use it on a cat. Their extra strength version XFC says “Do Not Use on Cats,” but that is it.
I put approximately 1/2 a squeeze tube of the cheap Sentry-Pro on my Dog and 1/2 on my Cat. My dog weighs about 45lbs and barely moved all day. The act killed our cat, and this isn’t some kind of mild sickness or oops, this is pretty intense stuff. Donald was a really good cat, never had a single illness or problem, was incredibly well-behaved and liked by visitors, got along with dogs, and still played like a kitten at the age of 5. The producers of these products are sick people. They need to be stopped at some point. All of them: Hartz, Sentry-Pro, and Sergeants use PERMETHRIN as their active ingredient. This stuff is also the active ingredient in BUG BOMBS and RAID. We are being sold straight up pesticides to put on our dogs and cats. The absolute worst part about this is that I have found instances where these products have killed DOGS. For God’s sakes, the product is intended for dogs and it isn’t even safe for them. How does this happen? How do these big companies get away with this garbage? To whom ever reads this, know that if there is ever a mass court appearance, I and my wife would be happy to show with our story. I’m not usually one for taking things to court, but in this instance, I’d like some repayment for the personal anguish this has caused. Please be careful people.

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  1. These companies get away with it using the same techniques that they use on humans. Drug companies have cures for cancer, AIDS and for many other diseases, but they make much more money keeping people sick. It is much more profitable for the bottom line. The funny thing is that the people that own these companies are the same people that have control over the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) So, ultimately they decide what is “Safe” or not. If it dont make them money, that product wont go through. So there you have it.

    -The Truth

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