Hartz hurts.

I can’t believe this product is STILL on the market..

In April of this year, we used the Hartz Anti Flea and Tick medication on our chihuahuas, and it brought me to tears. My oldest chihuahua, Max, could not even walk without screaming and yelping. The pads on his feet were burnt from the crap we put on him, and he was twitching, and could not stop. Minnie, only about 4 years behind him, began to shake and twitch. It was so heart aching to watch. The veteranarian straight up told us that Hartz is pure poison, and that it should never be used on any type of animal, no matter the age, type, height, or weight. He also said that they could’ve suffered from seizures, and could have had permanent neurological damage if we had waited another day to take them to the vet. My mother took care of them the whole way through, and I helped feed the dogs as they would not feed themselves.

Today, I noticed a few fleas on Minnie, and I quickly gave her a bath and checked her for them afterwards. As a precaution, I looked in our cleaning cabinent, and noticed the flea and tick spray in there. I thought that if it was harmful, that my mother would’ve thrown it away, so I went about using it. I sprayed on the furniture, a little bit of the carpet, and my dog’s cage where she sleeps, unknowing that is was made by the same company that made the flea and tick stuff we used on them in April. My mother stopped me in the middle of doing so, telling me that it was the poison that hurt the dogs, so I freaked out, and am washing the pillows, blankets, and the blanket in my dog’s cage in the wash right now. I cleaned out her cage, and am very nervous about letting the dogs out around the house. I am at my wits end with Hartz! I dont know what will happen if I let them out around the sprayed furniture, and I’m not sure what to do. I hate Hartz, and they are nothing but a cheap corporation that takes money from unknowing consumers! How could you sell shit like that to consumers looking for a solution as simple as fleas? I would rather my house be infested with fleas than to have another Hartz problem! NEVER use Hartz, please, it is not worth dealing with and getting into! Always read online about medications for your animals, you don’t want them to suffer from the horrible poison effects from Hartz or other harmful fake flea and tick products!

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  1. OMG I just want to cry, I bought some hartz flea stuff for my dog truffles.

    Some how my two cats came in contact with it. My one cat cubby is in serious condition at the vets…..Not sure if he will make it…..so far its cost me like 400.00.

    And just late yesterday afternoon our older cat Bandit is now showing signs……he looks like he wants to take a swipe at you.

    Im so sick and upset, how can this company do this and get away with it…..I dont know what to do

  2. Oh, hon. I’m sorry. This company just never seems to stop with this stuff. It’s so horrible, and I’m sorry it happened to you.

    My puppies got better within about two weeks. Their attitudes are the same as they were before the Hartz horror. Stay positive, and everything should be fine.

    Look online and sign the Hartz petition to get it removed from the market. There are thousands of signatures already, and I hope it gets all the people needed to take this poison off the market!

  3. Warning: Adams brand Spot On flea and Tick drops for cats being sold at WalMart contains exactly the same ingredients as the Hartz Brand One Spot sitting right next to it on the store shelf. It smells like ant and roach killer. It tore my cats up. After 48 hours, I had to wash them with Dawn dish washing soap cause they were digging themselves raw. The fleas are 10 times worse than they were before treatment. I am afraid to use anything else for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we will all suffer with a bad flea infestation.

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