Thank You

I truly feel for all of the stories of suffering on here.  Our pets are family members.  We wouldn’t give ourselves or loved one poison, so why does a company think they have a right to do this?

We just adopted a kitten, and i was given a Hartz flea and tick collar for him by my grandma, and i was busy at the time so i just threw it up on the counter.  Well tonight i thought about putting it on him, and i had heard things in the past about Hartz so i decided to google them, and a bunch of complaint sites popped up and I clicked on this site.

All i can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories.  I know some of them had to be painful.  Your stories helped save my little kitty.  That collar is now in the bottom of my trash can, and i will never again use there products.

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  1. Hi, I am so proud of myself since i read all your comments, i have a white persan car, which her hair isvery very long and thick, so twice a year, i bring her to get her fur cut just like a little lion.. one time they told me that she had some little friends in her fur, so they sold me a product worth 50.00 and since it was my boyfriend who bought it, it brought it home, has i was readihng the direction, i was so surprise because what the ingredient were, i took a dictionary to know more about those words, and they were perticide, i looked at my cat and boyfriend and told him, they dont even want us to put pesticite on our soil and now they want me to put some on my cat, never i said that my car would have a drop or 2, on her neck, i was so affraidk so after her hair being cut, that sold the ptoblrm, i lost $50.00 but my darling is still here.. thanks for all the stories.

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