Facial paralysis from Hartz 3 in 1 flea spray for dogs

to all out there who have furry family members, PLEASE take a moment of your time to read my story… and pray for my four legged child, sebbe (boxer).

my furry child (Seb) has been on frontline flea preventative for over 10 years now, with much success.. i have never noticed more than one flea on her, until this year. it has been very hot, and very dry–ideal flea romance weather apparently. needless to say, she has a LOT of fleas, and the frontline was just not cutting it, so my vet advised me i needed to supplement with some other method to help keep her comfortable.. she gave me many options, but i needed some time to think about it.

after much consideration, i really didnt want to give her anything else that may be potentially harmful to her, so i decided to simply bathe her more frequently (luckily i have no carpet-hence no house fleas) to try and rid her of the annoying itching. first couple times went GREAT.. killed and washed all fleas harmlessly down the drain… then i noticed within hours (after being outside) that she just picked up more, so i came up with this wonderful idea to get some flea spray to put very lightly on her legs to discourage the nasty blood suckers from jumping on her and hopefully extend the flea free afterbath for at least a couple days… off to the store i went..

i purchased Hartz 3 in 1 flea spray for DOGS.. at the local walmart (brand has been there for AGES, so i thought it must be okay)…. went home eager to help my bestest bud with her constant itching problems.. put Sebbe in the bath and washed away all those nasty fleas (once again) dried her off, and lightly (4 sprays) covered her legs from elbows down… within 15 minutes she COLLAPSED.. could not walk, drooling uncontrollably..  OFF TO THE BATH WE WENT.. i knew, from working at the shelter and the vet that she was having a reaction and washed it all off immediately!!!!

OFF to the vet we went… she was bathed several times.. and monitored closely for the next several hours. still drooling but seemed to be regaining her balance and walking ability–so she was brought home.

the next day however, the real damage reared its ugly head, [b]she is completely paralyzed on one side of her head[/b]. cannot blink, cannot hold her tongue in, cannot eat unassisted, cannot drink effectively.. the entire right side of her face just hangs several inches below the left. she is damaged beyond belief.

PLEASE, i dont care what kind of pet you hold near and dear to your heart… PLEASE do not use any of the Hartz products. the vet told me i am very lucky that she is alive!!

after the damage was done, i found several websites and stories related to the damage done my hartz products… a day late and a dollar short. this company MUST be held responsible for the blatant disregard for the health and safety of our pets–


please pray for sebbe, and all of the other victims living with disabilities from this monsterous product.

feel free to contact me by email with any information on joining a class action lawsuit.. they must be STOPPED!!

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  1. My Terrier -Charger is currently at the vet for tests and over night stay for observation after using the Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick spray for dogs. After applying he was fine until a few hours later he was starting to have problems using his back legs and unable to hardly walk. This morning was worse and was stumbling more. I am so devestated and so worried on if he will get better or not.

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