Casper & Roper got Lucky

My experience with the Hartz product was with using the Flea & Tick Drip Sticks.  Why they’re not recalled is beyond me and I will never use anything but Frontline ever again.  Within minutes of applying this to the back of their necks, in between their shoulders, they began scratching and shaking.  The substance applied turned into a greasy oil glob on the dogs.  I kept a close eye on them because I was concerned with the shaking but since it was summer, we thought maybe they were trying to release the loose hair off them.  The next couple days got worse, at least with one of the dogs.  Casper’s fur is not quite as dense as Ropers so the substance must have sunk into her skin quicker.  By the third day, she began acting a bit strange.  She couldn’t sit still, jumping from the couch to the floor and back, walking like she was drunk, stumbling.  I decided to comb through the oil on her back, her fur began coming out in clumps.  Then all hell broke loose.  Forgetting to wash my hands, I rubbed my eyes.  I awoke during the night, my eyes on fire, swollen and red.  I jumped in the shower and flushed my eyes immediately then iced them.  When I realized the cause, I woke my husband and looked at Casper, through the fur, her skin was as red as a chili pepper.  Her and Roper cried when we touched them.  That was 3″00 am we took both dogs outside, in the lightening and pouring rain and washed them with Dawn Dishwashing soap to remove any trace of the flea and tick substance.  That day, I was heartbroken to come on line and find all of this information after I put my dogs through such an ordeal.  I found out that Petco pulled the Hartz line completely from their stores.  It should be recalled, in addition to being pulled from all stores.  Next time, I will do the research before applying anything to my beloved buddies.

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