Mitz’s story

We took in a stray cat, he is about 6 months old, he is the most lovable boy we have ever met… we called the vet and decided to have him neutered but he couldn’t see us for another week so i decided to buy over the counter flea/tick medication, Hartz Ultra Guard drops.  I put the drops on him and within minutes he started acting different.  He became lethargic and within 3 hours he was almost dead. I called the vet and they told me to wash the area immediately with DAWN dish soap and bring him in.  The vet  said he thought the cat was not going to live. He gave him an antedote of dexamethasone and atropine along with subcutaneous fluids twice.  As I was explaining to the vet what happened, another patient’s owner stepped up to me and told me that she had all four of her cats die from this medication within hours of each other.  we really thought he was a goner but thank God the vet knew what was going on with this medication because he had 3o+ previous cases.  Some made it and some didn’t.  Fortunately, Mitz is doing well today, 2 days later. It cost me $185.00 and almost Mitz’s life because of this POISON that is offered to the public.  He is a very forgiving little man…..  🙂

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