When I started seeing my 5 yr old cat scratching around her chin and neck constantly, I noticed she had fleas. I bought flea Hartz shampoo used it 3 times still no change. Kept combing fleas out of her. Then my boyfriend and I cleaned the entire house and sprayed the house and garage to kill any fleas in the carpet. Then bought Hartz flea control the 3 months supply. After one use I noticed massive bumps on my cats. She must have had an allergic reaction to the medication because they were not there the day before. She seemed fine and content and scratching went away til I noticed a flea on her.. So I combed her and found 12 fleas on her! (shes an indoor cat, too). More then ever before. Now I have to take her to the vet to see if these bumps are harmful and buy better flea medication. Im so irritated and upset, my poor cat. BTW researching Hartz products now…have yet to find one good review!!! >:(

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