only thing hartz killed was my cat!

I am 17 years old and had my cat for 15 years and slept with her every night so you could imagine the loss I experienced from using this ****ING PRODUCT. Two nights ago we dipped my cat; we had used the dip before and she had a small reaction but we didn’t think anything of it. She cried for an hour but that’s normal after we bath her. She kept crying at my bedroom door so I opened it to let her in. She normally comes running in but instead she was just laying there. I knew it wasn’t normal so I got my parents, and I immediately started crying because I knew my cat well enough to know this wasn’t right. She tried to walk but ran into my door. We picked her up and took her downstairs and washed her off with Suave Shampoo and warm water thinking she was in pain with her skin. As she laid there, she began to stare off into space and rarely blinked. It was like she was brain dead, and if she was going to wind up dead this is what I would want so she wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. She had two minor seizures and a couple of hours later she finally passed away. It’s sad she died, but even more sad that it was an unneccessary cause. Old age is one thing, but this? WTF. NO WARNING AT ALL. WHY IS THIS **** ON THE MARKET. IM SO SAD BUT PISSED THE **** OFF.

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  1. This Morning my beloved 8 year old cat passed away. I had put a hartz flea collar on him thinking i was doing something good for him. after only wearing it for a day i noticed he was scratching more than he did before the collar. I then noticed his bottom lip was swollen. At first I didn’t connect it to the collar. After the second day and his scratching becoming even worse I removed it. Thinking this would be the only solution that was needed. He still seemed bothered So I took him to our vet, who said sometimes flea collars cause irritations to the skin and that I had done the right thing by removing it and he would be fine. Well once i got him home he just started acting different, not quite himself. this went on for a week until yesterday morning when he started acting sick. crying out as if in pain. I I kept an eye on him and as they went on he seemed to be getting worse. I decided I would have to call the vet first thing this morning, but at 4am he passed away. One week after the vet told me he would be fine. before this collar he was the happiest playful loving brilliant cat. Please be warned do not let your pet suffer from such a horrible product.

  2. I am very, very fortunate my two kitties did not suffer any major adverse effects from the Hartz flea collars I got, save for them proving to be utterly useless, and making my cats lethargic for a while. One broke while I was having them treated for fleas at a local salon, and they recommended that I get rid of the other. I said “I will gladly do so” and tossed it saying “Hartz sucks!” and that is the absolute truth from some of the stories I’m reading. I am truly sorry for your loss both of you, and wish I could be there to help you both through the greiving process. Pets really do become part of the family, as I can attest to. I pray for you, I truly do.

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