Hartz UltraGuard OneSpot almost killed my cat

My daughter got a 20 week old kitten from the local humane society, which cost us $90. We decided to keep it in the house, so I bought some Hartz UltraGuard OneSpot so we could keep the fleas away. After applying as directed, the cat became lethargic and just wanted to sleep.  I thought maybe he was just getting accustomed to his new environment.  I had to be out of the house for several hours the next day. When we came home, THE CAT WAS STRUGGLING TO BREATHE AND APPEARED TO BE ALMOST DEAD. I called the vet (after office hours) and he agreed to see the cat. He told us that the Hartz Flea Treatment has killed more cats than fleas. He gave him two shots and some oral medication. He told us to bring it back the next morning and we did. He gave it two more shots and more oral medicine. We have to go back in two weeks for more shots. He is one sick kitty. He has begun to breathe better but has to breathe through his mouth. He is still lying around and not wanting any attention. We try to get him up and he goes right back to his bed.  I sincerely hope he starts coming around because I’m really getting worried about him. This flea treatment has already set me back $150 and I will have to pay more when we go back in two weeks. I can’t believe this stuff is over the counter and so dangerous. I will never trust the name Hartz for anything ever again.  I plan to spread the word.  This product should not be on the market!

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  1. Thanks for your information. I gave my 2 year old tabby cat the same flea medicine two days ago. This morning, I thought it was strange that he didn’t jump up and run to the kitchen when I made coffee. I didn’t think much about it, however, by the time I got home in the evening, I found him dead. There were no warning signs that he was sick. This medicine should be taken off the market!

  2. That’s terrible. Just terrible. The more stories I read on here the more I am becoming enraged at this poison selling company. Do these shameless people have no hearts at all?

  3. Just over an hour ago, family member S.T. kittie was put to rest. Three weeks ago while applying a product to improve his quality of life, he became ill. Heavy breathing, un-rest, crouching and uncomfortable, he pulled through the 4-5 days to overcome the toxin effect, despite two baths. The difficulty breathing remained though while he continued his own way of showing that he was glad someone was home attitude. By that, I mean sitting on the window when I pulled into the drive way, or following me around until settling on the couch for a minute, or being at the front door in the morning for a day of activities outside or…. Our pets have their own way of showing us they’re happy.
    Seem to find a commonality with the manufacturer used. Usually a manufacturers web site offers testimonial from customers, not this one.
    In order to perhaps help someone and their loved furry family member:
    Used Hartz, cat of almost four years old gets sick
    bath twice, 4-5 days to recover, breaths heavy for most of those days.
    3 weeks later to the day, he lost usage of rear legs.
    gradually was worse with breathing over weekend
    passed on within 3 hours of being at the vets.

    Hope this helps someone and their loved pet. Kittie or pup, doesn’t matter as they are family with time. Wonder if the company we are talking about would hand their family the same type of treatment for an ailment of some sort?
    Share your story, refuse to buy this product, company wide, share it all.

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