Major side effects from Hartz!!! we are lucky

I started using this after we moved about 1 year ago to the South because my in laws used it and it seemed to be fine. After i put it on our Bichon Frise, Payton he would go kinda crazy running around and rubbing his back furiously on the ground, grunting. I thought it was just causing irritation which I knew was a side-effect to topical medicine, but didnt think it was anything more than that, especially because he would stop after 15 minutes or so. Well, today I gave him his next dose of the Hartz and he started doing it again but seemed worse. I got a hunch to look up reviews of the product online just to see and I was horrified to learn that Hartz has caused thousands of dogs and especially cats to die from poisoning. I found this website and was immediately concerned that it was more than just “irritation” as the package states.
As i was reading this website payton started throwing up. I read in here to wash them ASAP with some sort of dish soap that fights grease because its an oil based product, like Dawn. I had palmolive extra grease fighting so I immediately took him outside and thoroughly washed him with it. It was only on him for maybe 20 minutes and he was obviously very uncomfortable and he vomited. Its scary to think how much worse it could have been if i didnt read this and realize I was poisoning him 🙁 He is much better now. He did go outside and eat some grass and vomit once more (about 8 hrs later) tonight, but must just be trying to get it out of his system because he isn’t acting weird anymore or seem to be upset at all.
I just wanted to share my story because it was all the other stories on here that made me realize what was happening and I was able to wash it off before it did anything too horrible.

Hartz hurt my dog!

I noticed a flea on my dog Huckle yesterday, and thought I was doing the right thing by applying flea and tick drops.  I bought the drops at Rite Aid, which only had Hartz Ultraguard on the shelf.

about 7-8 hours after applying the drops, I noticed that Huckle was acting really strange.  He was restless, anxious, pacing… very unusual behavior for him, especially since this was 11 PM, when he’s normally sleeping soundly on the couch.

I kept a close eye on him, and within an hour he had gotten a lot worse.  He drank an entire bowl of water in one sitting; he was frantically running around the room; biting at us; twitching; shaking; I could see his heart pounding through his chest…

We frantically got on the phone to find an open emergency clinic, and raced him to the vet.  Within two minutes of taking him into the exam room, the vet’s assistant came out and asked when we had applied flea drops and which brand we used.  Apparently, they’ve seen this happen a lot.

After bathing him in a degreaser, the doctor came out and told us that this is indeed a common occurance.  I couldn’t believe it.  How can a TOXIC product be LEGAL???  He explained that the chemical used in Hartz (and other non-Frontline products) is a pesticide that essentially has the same effect on mammals as it does on insects.  It absorbs into their bloodstream and affects the central nervous system.  But NOWHERE on the box does it say anything about this.  The only warning is about “minor skin irritation”.

The vet said to consider ourselves lucky since we caught it in time before too much had been absorbed into the bloodstream.  He told us that many of the pets he’s treated for this are brought in with 106 degree fevers, grand mal seizures, etc.

We now have to treat our dog with muscle relaxers for the next several weeks (to calm his residual convulsions and twitches).  He seems much better, but is still having periodic panic attacks and muscle spasms.

It breaks my heart to think that a company would knowingly harm our pets under the misleading guise of “pet care”.  How dare they hurt and kill our loved ones to make a buck.  Furthermore, if so many people (including veterinarians!) know about this, how can it continue???

Sentry Purrscriptions Hazardous and Lethall

We first bought Sentry on July 14, 2010 instead of using our regular anti flea product Advantage. We were trying save a few dollars since currently money is a little tight right now. We have three wonderful cats that we love dearly, one of whom was poisoned and treated for toxicity after applying the Sentry Purrscriptions Flea treatment. The product was placed at approximately 9pm in the evening. The first application was applied to the first cat Daggett. He acted a little funny after. We thought perhaps this was from the product being a little cold as it is a liquid. We continued applying the product to the other two cats (Norbert and Booger) in our household. When all three cats had been treated, our first cat began to have an adverse reaction. He began to race around the house trying to shake the product off. He also ran to his cat box and had a bout of incontinence. The second cat was given the flea treatment and also ran around the house trying to get the product off of him. He began to squint his eyes and experience lacrimation. The third cat luckily had no immediate reaction to this product. The smell from this product also began stink up our apartment and smelled like bug spray.

The product was not on our animals for any longer than 5-10 minutes. I immediately called the 800 Emergency line listed on the back of the product to ask what I could use to wash this off of our pets. I spoke with a representative and gave him the box information. He explained some animals do have a reaction to the product. You can use Dawn dish soap since our product is oil based and this should help remove the product from your cat’s fur. Since skin irritation may occur so you can also apply some Vitamin E. The cats may be experiencing a tingling sensation and this sometimes can bother some animals. Our product is NON-TOXIC so your animals should be okay. I also told him of the lacrimation. He asked if the cats had licked the product. None of our cats licked the product as we were monitoring them. I told the representative that was wearing medical grade gloves to handle my cats and their product had not only seeped through the protective barrier but was also burning my hands. I reiterated to him this is not a tingling sensation, this is CHEMICAL BURNING happening; he again stated their product is non-toxic. He explained I should wash with the Dawn soap and apply Vitamin E as well. I was assigned a case number to report any additional adverse reactions. If a product is non-toxic, how does an adverse reaction occur?

We washed our cats and did our best to get this product off of them. This was no easy task as it is oil based, not to mention having to bath cats. Our cats seemed a little better after we bathed them, however two of our cats were now shaken after the experience, crouching on the floor and hiding.

After this incident I went online and did some researching only to be horrified at all of the other experiences pet owners have had. These experiences not only include cats and dogs but incidents caused by other Sentry products as well.

The next day on July 15, I began to notice clumps of fur around my apartment and immediately re-inspected my pets. All three were experiencing fur loss. I called and spoke to Sentry again and informed the representative that I wanted my case number updated to reflect an update to the already reported adverse effects. It was explained to me to gently brush the cats to stimulate fur growth and keep applying the vitamin E. Sentry Purrscription was had now caused my cats to lose their fur in the spot their product was applied. One cat (Norbert) was affected worse than the others. His fur was significantly shorter and he had loss the most fur out of the other two cats. He was also not acting appropriately. He was breathing fast; panting, hot to the touch; his gums and inner eyelids were pale and he was crouched on the floor in a corner. I looked up his symptoms online and included the Poisoning in my search. I found multiple online resources reflecting information on toxicity and this situation being a medical emergency. (Keep in mind their product is “NON-TOXIC”). I called my vet and they told me to bring Norbert in. The vet assessed him and asked if he had ingested the product. I explained we had monitored the cats and none of them ingested the product. I also relayed the additional behavior the cats displayed after use of this product. Norbert was treated with lactaided ringers and Atropine for absorption toxicity from Pyriproxyfen. This chemical is used as pesticide.

Pesticide exposure to humans is hazardous and can be fatal. The same applies to animals. I can’t believe that this product is considered safe to use on our beloved friends and is so readily available. This is marketing deception at its absolute best. Sentry is allowing us to unknowingly harm our pets with the full knowledge of how dangerous their own product is. I consider myself one of the lucky pet owners whose animals so far are going to be all right; however I do not know the long-term effects of this exposure to my three cats. This is unfair to not only our pets but to those of us who are being led to believe we are taking care of them. I can only imagine the anger and grief experienced by other pet parents who have not been so lucky.

I’m amazed that some of the first few web sites that come up while doing research on Sentry pet products happen to be the Consumer Affairs web site. This is just verifying that something is not right. Multiple people have and are documenting the same experiences. Obviously it isn’t the pet owners making the mistakes. Those of us who have been placed in these situations have suffered damages as a result of Sentry’s lack of action and concern for our pets. Why is Sentry allowed to get away with this? Why is nothing being done? Consumer Affairs, I thought you were on the public’s side regarding this type of victimization. Allowing Sergeants/Sentry to pick up our vet bills is just allowing them to continue their harmful practices.

Please warn other pet owners. Call your pet shops and let them know of your experience. Shame on you Sentry.

Abbott Is in pain

a _PittBull_ Named_Abbott

hey im going to tell u a lil thing about my dog he does not usually feel pain so its hard to tell if hes hurt or not but 7 days after i put this flea and tick medicine my dog looked at me and whimpered when i saw a huge chemical burn after removing some hair that was crusty that i found on him i gave him a bath then relised more hair fell off hope fully he will be ok but the vet will be notified tommarrow mourning cause of the time. the medicine that we used was called (Hartz Ultra Gaurd plus flea and tick drops ) the one for the dog wheighing over 60 lbs. bty ty hartz

Hartz needs to be stopped immediately!

I came home from work and my grandma left this Hartz flea guard bullsquat on the table. I took Mao upstairs to the bathroom and applied the product between her shoulders at around 5:30 PM. Then as i studied for my midterm, I noticed that she was able to reach it and was licking the Hartz flea treatment off of her fur. I read the package and it said Hazardous to humans so I figured that it wouldn’t be any better for her.

I washed her, scrubbed her mouth out and dried her up before leaving for my midterm. I came home at about 8PM and she was limp, weak and overall not herself. She was shivering and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. I began to watch her more closely. I thought she was sleeping at first but then I realized that her breathing was slowing to the point where she had stopped breathing for too long and I shook her.
She came to but I realized that she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.
Immediately, I rushed her to the animal hospital in the town over and admitted her to the emergency room.
The vet told me that Hartz is the cause of many animals who had been brought to him and died shortly after. He said that the product should not be allowed in stores and that I should have paid for the more expensive ($60.00-70.00) brand like Front Line instead of paying $900.00 for my emergency pet hospital bill. She was running a temperature of 104 and convulsing by the time I got her to the hospital. Her eyes were irritated and red and she was limp.

They’re doing all that they can for her and I just hope she lives through this.

This kitten has given my grandma a new spark of life, excitement and companionship. She’s given me a lot of serenity and support when I’ve needed it the most.

How the hell is Hartz allowed to exist! I want these products removed from their shelves and I want the Hartz company owners to pay for their crimes against the consumers who want to kill the fleas, not their damn pets!

Tyler Kitty

I adopted a stray kitten about a month and a half ago, that we had found in our flower bush. He was about two months when we took him in. With in days we realized him had ear mites, so I went to WalMart and got Hartz ear mite medicine. We waited about a month to use it because of his age. We put the medicine in his ears a few times, the last being July 4. The next day he was meowing loudly, and just laying around, and not acting like his normal self. So we took him to the vet and they kept him over night. When I went to visit him on the 7th they had informed me that the ear mite medicine had poisoned him. He was just laying there staring in space and trying his hardest to meow when I spoke to him. The next morning they called to let us know that Tyler had past away. I wish more than anything that I would have done research on Hartz before I used the medicine on him. If I had my little boy would still be here.

Skin damage from Hartz flea collar

An email came in tonight from Kathy:

I had a stray cat around and since I did not know if anyone was treating him for fleas, I put the pink Hartz flea collar on him. I am sending a picture of what it did to his neck. All the hair fell out and it left sores on his neck. After reading some of these terrible things, I am hoping he will be OK. I do not think I could get him to the vet since he is still a little wild, but the vet may come to me. Everyone needs to boycott this product!
Thank you for making us aware of this!

Please help us.

Hello. My two pugs had fleas and we gave them both HARTZ flea and tick medicine. They were already upset about having fleas obviously, and then the next day one of them was acting fine and the other was acting a bit weak. About two days have passed, and one of them is still fine, and the other is continuing to act strangely. She hasn’t eaten anything we offer her and she doesn’t drink much. We’ve been trying to get her to eat and drink. Its not working.

On here, I read that we should use Dawn dish soap to try to get the stuff off her skin. We did that today, and gave her some Benadryl earlier. The vet said that its been too long since she received the HARTZ treatment and there isn’t much we can really do for her apparently.

Please, if anyone has any advice, please, please tell me.
I don’t want to lose a dog again. I just lost my childhood dog last year to a car and then got these two. I can’t take it, please, if anyone can, someone help us. She’s dying as I write this. 🙁