Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Drops

I have a ShihTzu and I picked up Hartz Ultra Guard from my local grocery store. I was thinking that using Hartz would be safe since their products have been around forever, however I was nervous prior to using it, because I had never used this brand on my Abby prior to this.¬†I always used whatever my Vet had at their office, this day I did not have time to go by the vet’s office. I applied according to thier directions.¬†The next day Abby seemed like she was not feeling well, like maybe an upset stomach, I just kept a watchful eye on her. The 2nd morning I was going thru the normal routine and when I called her to go out to¬†go to the bathroom she did not run to the door as usual. I walked into my room calling for her and she was laying under my bed and she would not move, she just stared at me. I picked her up and tried to put her down on her legs and she could not move her back legs at all. I was thinking ok, sometimes¬†when you sleep in a weird position you are stiff. So I went to work and had my son sit with her all day. He kept trying to take her out all day and she would not stand on her¬†back legs. My husband went¬†home early to check on her and luckily she¬†was able to stand, but still would not walk or go to the bathroom. By this time I called my¬†vet to make an appointment, I got home and she was able to move a little better and finally go to the bathroom. The vet was going¬†stay open late to see her and when I was that she was able to move better, I thought I would see how¬†see did through the night,since my vet was opening early the next morning……LUCKILY my dog has gotten better, but I know this product is the cause¬†of all of our worry, concern and stress. I was convinced prior to finding this website. I am so glad that someone started this site……if only I would’ve searched prior to giving my dog this poison that paralized her for a day.

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