Hartz Pro Dent Rawhide Chips with DentaShield

Thankfully, my issue with Hartz products did not result in permanent damage to my dog or expensive vet bills. Although it could have caused a huge problem had I not caught it.

I purchased a bag of Hartz Pro Dent Rawhide Chips with DentaShield at my local pet supply store. One of my dogs–a rescue who doesn’t willingly surrender resources, but has never been aggressive in defending them either–became extremely protective of his chip. He growled at me and even snapped at my other dog. My husband and I went through a process of elimination to figure out what was causing this aggression response. After testing his food and food bowl, toys, crate, and a different brand of rawhide, we discovered the Hartz chips were causing the aggression. We have since stopped giving either of our dogs the Hartz chips and our rescue is back to his sweet, goofy self. I am extremely greatful we were able to curb his aggression before he ended up with a bite on his record. I will not be buying another bag of these rawhide chips.

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