My Autumn

My sister passed away last August. We had to drive to Oregon. Before I left we bought Hartz Flea and Tick Medicine for both of our cats. AutumnĀ  was not Snoopy’s mother, but constantly mothered her as Snoopy is a big baby. When we put it on our cats Snoopy developed an allergy on her neck immediately. It ate the fur and skin off of her neck. Autumn saved her life by licking most of the flea medication off. A few days later when I returned home I noticed my best friend (Autumn) was very lathergic but blamed it on the heat. The next morning I found her on the floor barely responsive. I put her in the sink and ran cool water on her. She barely responded. My beautiful baby held on for what seemed like an hour but was only ten minutes. I will forever blame myself for picking this product up in an attempt to save money. She was my best friend and the most beautiful soul. She had wisdom in her eyes that communicated to me with no need for words. Her last cries will haunt me forever as she died in my child’s arms. I miss her as if it happened only yesterday. I know my best friend will greet me in a better place but my heart aches. I fight tears to this second and hope I can prevent another tragedy/ heart ache/ nightmare for others.

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  1. There was no way for you to know since you certainly didn’t suspect that this product was toxic. Hartz has been in business a very long time, but given all the horror stories on this site, it’s difficult to understand how they are allowed to continue to operate. I feel so sorry for your loss – it’s terribly painful for you and nothing anyone will say to you will make you feel better. But eventually you will feel better and you’ll be as they say, sadder, BUT wiser. It’s a shame that we must put our animal companions through this stuff, but the unfortunate truth is that it’s for our protection as well. None of us wants fleas or ticks on our dogs nor in our homes and the sad fact is that without some sort of protection there’s a very good chance
    they and we will get them. I fully understand how you are hurting – you can’t believe that because of something you did, your little love suffered and died. In your heart you know that what happened what totally unintentional on your part. Intellectually you know this, but emotionally it’s another story. Try not to berate yourself. It was an accident. The real culprit here is Hartz for making and selling this garbage. And the people who make Frontline and Advantix – couldn’t they reduce their prices a little – particularly in light of today’s economy. I hope by now (I’m writing this to you in August 2010) you are feeling better and able to think about Autumn with a lot of love and no regrets.

  2. Very well said. Losing a pet truly is just like losing a loved one – a part of your life. The more stories I read the more I get sick and choked up. God bless you and pray that God helps you through this spiritually.

  3. After reading all the horror stories, my heart goes out to everyone who lost a pet. I, too, lost my 15 yr. old cat to vet negligence so I know exactly how painful losing a loved one is to something beyond our control.

    BUT I think it’s easy to point the blame and scream witch hunt when we get hurt. We want everything to be perfect and someone to pay if it goes wrong. I don’t work for Hartz, but out of the millions of people who’ve bought their products and -not- had a problem, including myself, I think screaming about suing over a few hundred allergic reactions is a little too stereotypical American. Animals do have allergic reactions and it’s not like they come with an i.d. bracelet to let us know what products they’re allergic to.

    Before I knew I was allergic to peanut products, I ended up in the hospital emergency room several times before I figured out what was wrong with me. Did I scream SUE!! to the people making the food with peanuts in it because I almost died? No, I just learned my lesson and moved on.

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