Hartz UltraGuard is dangerous!

I used this product not knowing soon enough the dangersĀ  it could bring to your animal. My poor rescue dog had a major seizure and when rushed to the vet I was told to get rid of the product. My vet was angry because he couldn’t believe they still have this on the shelf. I have spread the word on FB and will gladly join any petition for having it banned. I will never purchase ANY Hartz product again, including toys. This disgusts me!!

2 thoughts on “Hartz UltraGuard is dangerous!”

  1. Tragic. One year ago one of my two min-pins started acting really sick. We did not know what was wrong. He wastrembling and hiding under the table, panting uncrontrolably, and when I picked him up he cried. I was distraught and at 11:00 p.m. took him to a vet emergency hospital. After running blood work and a physical examination, and $600.00 bill, they could not tell me what was wrong. Next day took him to regular vet they could not tell either but gave him painkillers. He was ill for days. We thought he hurt his back.

    Last week I found a tick on my other dog. Went to the store and got the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Drops. Put it on both my dogs, one is a little bigger than the other. Whithin a day, the same dog as before started acting exactly the same as last year. I still had not made the connection, so I thought he hurt his back again, he was panting, having bad muscle spasms and frantic. I called the vet for painkillers yesterday and suddenly I looked at the old package which had one container left and the date and the date on his prescription one year ago. I immediately gave both my dogs a bath with mild palmolive today and within an hour he is getting more confortable. I am disgusted with Hartz. My other dog was not affected so I did not make a connection. I am asking they stop selling this product. I will not ever buy another of their products. Both times I was so upset and I put this poison on my poor dogs. Thank you for posting your experience.

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