Class Action lawsuit getting started

I represent attorneys in a suburb of Memphis, TN that are currently seeking pet owners who have had their pets hurt and/or killed by products manufactured by Hartz. At my request, the moderator previously posted to this site information regarding my attorneys interest in pursuing this matter. (link: )

We are in the stages now of signing those people who are interested in pursuing a consumer protection class action civil lawsuit against Hartz. If you are interested in finding our more information, please contact me at: [email protected] or [email protected]; we cannot contact you directly unless you have posted your contact information publicly.

It is not necessary for you to be a resident of Memphis, or of Tennessee to be included in this class action lawsuit.

You must contact us as soon as possible to be included in the initial stages of the suit. Many posters here have stressed interest in pursuing this class action suit and that is why my attorneys are using this site to reach the public about filing just such a lawsuit.

To avoid spamming this site, I will work to keep the moderator(s) informed of the progress of any suit that is filed and at his/her/their discretion may update this site with that information.

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  1. My dg nearly died, I have vet bills in the hundreds to prove it. The local supermaket where I bought the Hartz product at is still selling the poison. I complained to the manager to pull it from the shelf he would not, said I needed to contact Hartz. I want to be a part of the class action suite, Hartzz needs to stop torturing and killing our beloved pets. LaNessa Thomas dog owner.

  2. I have used hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick Conditioning Shampoo for some time now without any problems till this past year. It has always been a cheaper alternative to other brands (well sometimes) but this was the first year I used Hartz Flea and Tick Drops in combination with the shampoo. My Poor dog is suffering. I first bathed her about 2 months ago with the shampoo and added the drops that my grandmother had bought for her (just happened to be hartz as well) and I noticed some skin irritation, but didn’t put 2 and 2 together until this last wash. We recently came back from the beach on July 4th and I bathed her again with it, and her whole body is now covered in some type of red, dried, some pussing, bleeding legions. Her skin it seems is also very sensitive/itchy to the touch. It started out pretty minimal but seems to be spreading rapidly, so much so that I thought she had some form of poison ivy, oak, sumac, etc…After 2 doses of the drops and 2 washings, I have completely stopped using either product and I hope she improves. I attempted to contact Hartz today before finding this site, (and reading about some of the horrible experiences others have had) to see if there are some sort of expiration date for the shampoo that could be causing this type of sever reaction, as I could not find one on the bottle. I was also hoping whether they could tell me if there were any contraindications to using the shampoo and drops together, but their offices are currently closed. I will have to call back tomorrow. After The first wash, I noticed, her irritation started to improve after I gave her daily cold water rinses, at the time I was doing this because I had no air-conditioning and with the heat as hot as it has been this summer, it was only meant to keep her cool. But I think the rinses helped wash/rid whatever product was left on her from her hair and skin. Right now she is pretty bad, if she gets any worse I will have no choice to take her to a vet. And I pray to God, and I am thankful that so far, after all of the horror stories I have heard that she seems to be well, cognitively anyway. (no seizures, coma, etc. God forbid.) But right now her skin is such a mess, that I’m not sure what to use on it or do with it. I am hoping that if I leave it alone she will heal naturally just as she did the first time, except she does seem to be much worse this time. I will have to see.

  3. WOW!! I JUST found this site and had purchased the drops for our dog a few months ago, used 1 dose on her, and bought flea collars for our cat, and also used once on him. We live in Canada, but purchased the items in Maine. After putting the drops on the dog, she developed a skin irritation, but I honestly thought it was just all the fleas irritating her and her knawing herself to bits. After reading Jessica’s comments, it makes perfect sense that the red, quickly spreading, pussing, bleeding rash would be caused by the drops. They are going in the garbage after I’m done posting this comment and seeing how the cat put weight on and I cut his collar off last week, he’s not getting a new one!!!! Good luck on the lawsuit! Hope you win it!!!

  4. We can’t prove it, since they are better now, but if you’re keeping count our 3 animals became sluggish, would not eat, and lost thier hair from the flea products. FYI- they do NOT WORK!!!! The fleas crawl over the collars days later- and the things are still breeding after using every darn product they have and cleaning, vacuuming 3 times a day, NOT allowing the animals outside, etc. Nothing- nothing works. Not the shampoo, powder, spray, collars, carpet spray-nothing.I think the fleas LIKE it-it’s nourishing! It made me sick, also.It’s also the only thing Walmart sells so let them know!!I posted on Hartz ‘Ask the Doctor’ forum-do not expect to hear back. Useless, expensive crap! I’ll never buy another Hartz brand product again!!

  5. I am interested in joining a class action suit against Hartz/Sargent. The flee/tick liquid is very dangerous and sent my pets to the emergency vet. These products should not be on the market.

  6. I have a 7 year old Yorkie>just found out she has major heartworm. Had purchased “Advantage” from Pet-Meds. My Vet. said it is illegal over the internet to prescribe meds. So, in the interim, my dog is dying due to that fact she most likely had expired meds. I think that something or someone should take action. Please leave me with your comments.

    [email protected]

  7. I bathed my dog with Sergeants flea and tick shampoo. My cat loves my dog and so he lost his life as a result. This should have never happened!

  8. My cat had this treatment yesterday and is now in critical condition at the vet, she has a low chance of even surviving and the bills are going to cost me over 1000$. Please involve me in this lawsuit, this company needs to be STOPPED before another innocent animal is hurt.

  9. My 4 1/2 year old queensland healer/Catahoula mix is in the house right now suffering because of Hartz InControl advanced flea and tick product. My son treated her last night and this morning, she could barely walk. Reading all of the other comments online infuriates me. If a product did this to people it would be taken off of the market. This company needs to pay for all of the suffering they are causing. And now with the economy the way it is, I don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars for a treatment that probably wont work. Hartz needs to go out of business.

  10. My 11 year old sister just lost her 4 year old cat due to the harts products. We used the shampoo, powder and spray. It happened so quickly there was no time to take him to the vet. First he had a seizure and lost control of his bowels. Then he became very lethargic, could not stand up on his on. He meowed like he was in so much pain. With in hours he was gone. I have been doing some research on the hartz products and am discusted that the products do not have to be removed from the shelves because “they do not harm humans”.

  11. Purchased Hartz flea and tick for my Corgis. In less than 12 hours both were vomiting. I went online and to my horror it is the Hartz. I bathe them with Dawn to remove it. I am taking them to the vet this morning. I sent Petco an e-mail about selling this dangerous product. I would like to a part to the lawsuit. This has to stop.

  12. When my daughter was 15 mths we got her a jack russel terrier
    And we gave her a bath with the hartz 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner
    With in hours she started vomiting blood and her bowels were full of blood she could not shand up on her own she could not eat drink or barely breath she died 3 days later this all happened in april 2012 my daughter was just over 2 when she died and to thia dat she still aaks me where her dog apple is and it just breaks my heart that i have to try to explain to a 2 and half yr old thay her baby puppy apple is dead these people need to be stopped animals are living creatures and i would like to b part of this lawsuit and would like them stop making this product its horrible because my daughter loved that dog with all she had and it breaks my heart

  13. I just found out this is a major problem, the hard way. I bathed our yellow Labrador two weeks ago with Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo that I bought at our local Walgreens [I really need to report this to them as well]. About 30 minutes after the bath Bruno had hundreds of welts all over his body. I immediately grabbed a bar of our unscented Dove Bar soap and scrubbed him down [I just found out that while the old blue Dawn dish soap will dry out a dog’s skin, it will strip off all residual toxic chemicals on the fur (that hadn’t already absorbed into the skin) – just leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

    Since that date he has lost large patches of fur all over his body and still is covered with inflamed red spots. That stuff has to be incredibly toxic. I told my story to the folks at the pet rescue that we adopted him from 5 years ago and they told me that this has been an ongoing issue and showed me online testimonies of victims who’s animals have actually died.

    I hope there will be a class action lawsuit. It is incredibly irresponsible for a company to continue to keep this stuff on the shelf in stores.

  14. My small dog had been sick for a couple of days so, over the weekend, I took him to an animal emergency clinic. He was vomiting, shaking, etc. Now it is Tuesday, I just arrived home, alone, from the vet. My dog will be in the hospital for a couple of days due to a toxic response from Hartz Ultraguard Tick and Flea. Tony had had difficulty in the past with the Hartz Flea collar, but never dreamed that there would be a problem with the Hartz Ultraguard (I had run out of the flea medication that the vet. had given me.). I would like information about the class action.

  15. I put this on all three of my cats, and all three of them started actin strange, and lots their appetite. The one didn’t get better and is currently at the vet. I think she will probably die. She has not eaten anything for three days, and now she won’t drink either. Her blood sugar is high, and they can’t get it to come down. This stuff is poison and it ought to be taken off of the market.

  16. I will be happy to help in anyway you need me to to stop them. I was reading other peoples stories. I just found out that this crap killed 2 of my kitties. I am so upset and don’t know what to do. They need to be stopped before more innocent pets and families don’t have to go through this. My email is [email protected]. let’s stop this immediatly before its too late for others. I am enraged and they are not getting away with this just to fill their already fat pockets. Hopefully we will stop them from having nothing and experience some of our heartache. Oh I forgot. They aren’t the Hartz Co. They are the Hartless Co.

  17. UP DATE Our product was the Sergeants Evolve. I called Sergeants and they sent me to a medical staff member. First they could not help me as I did not have the box in front of me. I went to my sons and got it. Then called again. Sergeants gave me a case number and asked questions and took the information from the box such as the product code, UPC code, and EPA Registration Number. Our dog is at the vet now on an IV, another bath with Dawn dish soap, and getting activated charcoal. The vet also called and talked to the Sergeants medical team. Many questions were asked again. When the vet bill is paid I send in the bill with the box and such and they review the case and then (crossing fingers) they will reimburse us for the vet bills. This is crazy. Why does the EPA still allow these pesticides of Cyphenothrin and Pyiproxyfen to used. Their statistics are SO off I am sure. How many people actually can and do take their animal to the vet when this happens so these are non reported. HARTZ and SERGEANTS STOP THIS INSANITY!!!

  18. What had happened? My son’s fiance applied the Sergeants Evolve at 6:30 am and by the time my son was going to bring the dog to my house she was dripping at the mouth, eyes dilated, shaking and not able to walk well. When she got to my house he was in a panic. I found out what happened and climbed into the tub and washed her 3 times. At 10:30 she was still shaking and acting frantic. So I took her to the vet after calling Sergeants and their medical team told me to take her into a vet!

  19. We lost our kitten about 2 weeks ago. She was about 14 weeks and I used. Sergeants. Gold squeeze on for cats and kittens under 5 pounds. She didn’t start showing symptoms or acting funny til about 24 hours after,she quit eating,wouldn’t drink hardly any water,was no longer playful she just layer in her sun spot. I noticed some hairloss near the application site and rinsed her off then used my foam shamp to wash her.on day 4 we found her dead. I know it was this medicine. That i poisoned her. I want justice for our dear Seraphina and all the other animals that this company has knowingly harmed by not taking this poison off the shelf. I have to live with it every day that I ,trying to take the best of care of my animals, unknowingly poisoned her. I used the same product pug.but was able to bathe him and so far,other than irritation, he is ok. Ivcant bring seraphina back,but if I can save even one more cat or help get it off the shelf, then I can at least have some peace.

  20. Thank you so much. My yellow lab Hunter had blisters that lasted for over a month that later turn into sores, it was so bad we had to have him in the tub with cool water 4 plus times a day to help soothe him. We used Dawn dish soap. Hunter is alive but the spots where it was blistered have scares and still bother him to this day.. the whole run was 5 months..I want to be included in this case thank you. will also email you so you have my info

  21. Luckily, my two cat babies escaped the flea problem or I would have used this poison. I emailed the federal government agency that handles consumer product complaints. They said that they didn’t seem to have any Hartz complaints. Please post this on the website and tell people to email them. Everyone needs to do this so that this agency has ammunition to go after Hartz. I’m going to email them and tell them to go on this website to see for themselves the stories that people have told. We have to stop this company. I’m so sorry that all of you lost your babies. We all have to be like my generation was back in the 60’s when stuff like this happened and stand up and say “oh, heck no”!!!!!!

  22. We have a 6 month old kitten who all of a sudden had fleas, never had gone outside and my fiancee bought the Hartz without checking with me since last year our older cat seemed to do find with it. But our baby 3 days later had these horrible burns around her neck. It wasn’t on tight and was not embedded like some people have said it was but it was bad. I took the collar off and treated it right away. We are giving her a bath and trying to keeo her from straching but it seems to be worse. We are taking her to vet ASAP. All these stories are scary and I don’t want to lose our baby because of this horrible company!!

  23. I used the purrscription flea drops on 3 of my 5 cats . All 3 cats had seizures within 2-3 hours after using and all 3 cats died within 2 days . The 2 cats I did not use it on are both ok.
    I believe this product was responsible for their deaths. I am heartbroken. I called the number on the box and reported this to the company. What do I do next?

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