Sentry Purrscriptions Hazardous and Lethall

We first bought Sentry on July 14, 2010 instead of using our regular anti flea product Advantage. We were trying save a few dollars since currently money is a little tight right now. We have three wonderful cats that we love dearly, one of whom was poisoned and treated for toxicity after applying the Sentry Purrscriptions Flea treatment. The product was placed at approximately 9pm in the evening. The first application was applied to the first cat Daggett. He acted a little funny after. We thought perhaps this was from the product being a little cold as it is a liquid. We continued applying the product to the other two cats (Norbert and Booger) in our household. When all three cats had been treated, our first cat began to have an adverse reaction. He began to race around the house trying to shake the product off. He also ran to his cat box and had a bout of incontinence. The second cat was given the flea treatment and also ran around the house trying to get the product off of him. He began to squint his eyes and experience lacrimation. The third cat luckily had no immediate reaction to this product. The smell from this product also began stink up our apartment and smelled like bug spray.

The product was not on our animals for any longer than 5-10 minutes. I immediately called the 800 Emergency line listed on the back of the product to ask what I could use to wash this off of our pets. I spoke with a representative and gave him the box information. He explained some animals do have a reaction to the product. You can use Dawn dish soap since our product is oil based and this should help remove the product from your cat’s fur. Since skin irritation may occur so you can also apply some Vitamin E. The cats may be experiencing a tingling sensation and this sometimes can bother some animals. Our product is NON-TOXIC so your animals should be okay. I also told him of the lacrimation. He asked if the cats had licked the product. None of our cats licked the product as we were monitoring them. I told the representative that was wearing medical grade gloves to handle my cats and their product had not only seeped through the protective barrier but was also burning my hands. I reiterated to him this is not a tingling sensation, this is CHEMICAL BURNING happening; he again stated their product is non-toxic. He explained I should wash with the Dawn soap and apply Vitamin E as well. I was assigned a case number to report any additional adverse reactions. If a product is non-toxic, how does an adverse reaction occur?

We washed our cats and did our best to get this product off of them. This was no easy task as it is oil based, not to mention having to bath cats. Our cats seemed a little better after we bathed them, however two of our cats were now shaken after the experience, crouching on the floor and hiding.

After this incident I went online and did some researching only to be horrified at all of the other experiences pet owners have had. These experiences not only include cats and dogs but incidents caused by other Sentry products as well.

The next day on July 15, I began to notice clumps of fur around my apartment and immediately re-inspected my pets. All three were experiencing fur loss. I called and spoke to Sentry again and informed the representative that I wanted my case number updated to reflect an update to the already reported adverse effects. It was explained to me to gently brush the cats to stimulate fur growth and keep applying the vitamin E. Sentry Purrscription was had now caused my cats to lose their fur in the spot their product was applied. One cat (Norbert) was affected worse than the others. His fur was significantly shorter and he had loss the most fur out of the other two cats. He was also not acting appropriately. He was breathing fast; panting, hot to the touch; his gums and inner eyelids were pale and he was crouched on the floor in a corner. I looked up his symptoms online and included the Poisoning in my search. I found multiple online resources reflecting information on toxicity and this situation being a medical emergency. (Keep in mind their product is “NON-TOXIC”). I called my vet and they told me to bring Norbert in. The vet assessed him and asked if he had ingested the product. I explained we had monitored the cats and none of them ingested the product. I also relayed the additional behavior the cats displayed after use of this product. Norbert was treated with lactaided ringers and Atropine for absorption toxicity from Pyriproxyfen. This chemical is used as pesticide.

Pesticide exposure to humans is hazardous and can be fatal. The same applies to animals. I can’t believe that this product is considered safe to use on our beloved friends and is so readily available. This is marketing deception at its absolute best. Sentry is allowing us to unknowingly harm our pets with the full knowledge of how dangerous their own product is. I consider myself one of the lucky pet owners whose animals so far are going to be all right; however I do not know the long-term effects of this exposure to my three cats. This is unfair to not only our pets but to those of us who are being led to believe we are taking care of them. I can only imagine the anger and grief experienced by other pet parents who have not been so lucky.

I’m amazed that some of the first few web sites that come up while doing research on Sentry pet products happen to be the Consumer Affairs web site. This is just verifying that something is not right. Multiple people have and are documenting the same experiences. Obviously it isn’t the pet owners making the mistakes. Those of us who have been placed in these situations have suffered damages as a result of Sentry’s lack of action and concern for our pets. Why is Sentry allowed to get away with this? Why is nothing being done? Consumer Affairs, I thought you were on the public’s side regarding this type of victimization. Allowing Sergeants/Sentry to pick up our vet bills is just allowing them to continue their harmful practices.

Please warn other pet owners. Call your pet shops and let them know of your experience. Shame on you Sentry.

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  1. I litterally JUST put this stuff on my 2 cats and was ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED! I bathed bothed of them immediately in Dawn Dish soap. They smell terrible and I had NO idea this stuff was so bad till after I put it on and THEN decided to read up on it. Shame on me for sure. All I can do is pray they make it through the night. I’m not one to get all worked up about things but I DO intend to RAISE HELL about this!

  2. I recently put this on my cat. He is a one year old grey tabby. He began itching the site non-stop. I bathed him with dish soap. However, the next day I found clumps of his hair around the apartment and a small bald spot where the tick medicine was applied. He has continued to itch this area even after I bathed him, he now has a bigger bald spot and a red scratch mark from his scratching. I called the vet and she said to put neosporin on the spot. Did your cats hair grow back?

    1. I too have that problem. Like every one else money is tight . Mine were itching and loseing hair ,esp. my older cat . I’ll be calling my vet at 9 this morning . thank you for putting this up. I have been all over trying to find the answer to this.

  3. I recently put Sentry’s PurrScriptions Plus on my 2 year old cat since Pet Smart was out of Advantage. I rarely put chemicals on her, but she had a bad case of fleas and I thought one time wouldn’t hurt.
    Now she’s in an animal hospital fighting for her little life.
    The chemical burned a hole in her neck, then she had respiratory failure. What the???
    More people need to speak out about this product. Their consumer affairs is doing nothing but damage control on those who report adverse reactions to the cheap poisons they put in their stuff.
    This is a terrible experience.

    1. We put this flea treatment on our 5 year old Persian on Thursday. My fiancé just took him to the vet this morning as late last night he stopped eating & this morning he couldn’t stand. The vet assessed him and he is in kidney failure thanks to this treatment. To make matters worst, they had to put him down. We lost a beloved family member all because this poison is marketed as being ok 🙁

      1. Same here, we put the product on our cat last week. She quit eating, became blind in one eye and after $600.00 at the vet (who wanted us to have the eye removed) we had to have her out down. Does anyone know if there are any lawsuits against Sentry for the product killing pets?

  4. My cat is an older cat, 14 years old, and recently developed a flea problem. This is the first time since he was a kitten that he’s had fleas and back then we used Advantage which cured the problem almost immediately.

    Since he’s an older cat I was worried that Advantage might be too strong for him so I went to PetSupermarket where we have him groomed and buy his food and asked what the alternatives were that were safe for older cats. The clerk actually recommended Sentry PurrScriptions so I took her advice. Apparently they were pushing the product to get it to sell, not because they care about our animals.

    I applied the product as directed and after about a day I noticed he wasn’t scratching anymore so I thought all was well. After 3 days I noticed him complaining a lot and no longer eating but the scratching started again. I inspected him and he still had fleas so I thought I’d give it some more time to work.

    By that weekend he’d barely eaten anything, was extremely weak and wobbly and had even stopped drinking water.

    If you care about your pet, DO NOT USE Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Flea Control. As far as I’m concerned, this product and PetSupermarket has murdered our pet.

    1. I applied this to my cat 2 weeks ago and she is now in the hospital. I found her under our kitchen table this morning having what looked like a seizure. She is wabbly and can barely walk. Her head shakes and even her eyes were twitching. I will take my chances with the fleas and ticks. I pray she makes it.

      1. I’m tell you after reading all the reviews…more negatives then positive (only read maybe 2 positives out of the hundreds of negatives)…I immediately went to the store at 4am to buy Dawn ULTA (blue) and washed 3 out of 4 cats. I didn’t put Sentry on my oldest cat. They didn’t have a reaction but after reading the reviews I went into panic mode. Now after washing them…how long do I wait to put Advantage or Frontline? Four cats and too much flea problems.

  5. I put this on my kitty now I’m terrified.
    I washed his neck off. He seems to be doing okay, but I’m soo scared.

  6. This medicine is a disaster. My 12 year old Siamese female, who hasn’t been sick ever, has had a severe toxic reaction to this flea shampoo. We have incurred around $400 in vet bills and after 3 days, she is still not eating. Banfield has given her antibiotics, fluids, blood tests, etc. and she is still not eating or drinking. This product should be removed from shelves before they bump off more loved pets!!!!!!

  7. i had used this on both of my cats cus they had fleas and instantly they started to act funny. twitching and going nuts, it bothered me. so i looked up this product and saw that this was hurting my cats. so i washed it off them instantly with johnsons baby shampoo(i have long haired cats), it helped a little but they still went nuts. so i tried dawn dish soap. however after having washing and them being very very pissed. i notice one of my cats breathing funny and still going a little nuts. why is she opening her mouth and panting after i wash the stuff off? is she panicking or is it the product making her sick? i hope it will pass but i may have to take her to the vet. what could this be? has this happen to anyone else?

  8. I used the flea and tick treartment on my 12 week old kitten and I also deflead my house and I have not seen a flea in 3 days I think it works just as good as frontline or advantage. I ask the lady at petsmart if this would be harmful to my kitten and she replied “no it is the same stuff you are mainly just paying for the name”

  9. I just put this on my cat who is 22 years old……..after an hour…she starting itching & twitching….I immediately washed it off w/Dawn…………I wish I had read the reviews before buying this stuff. I intend to take it back to store tomorrow for my money back. I will now got to the vet & buy frontline which I know works……….I am soooo glad I was able to read this info & get that stuff off of her.

  10. After using the kitten version, my Hannah (6 months) stopped eating (she never misses a meal). The next day, I found vomit, and immediately took her to the vet. She had to have two expensive shots, and was not completely back to normal for a week. I had previously received a free sample of Revolution, and since she did not have a reaction to it, I’m afraid to try anything else.

  11. Thank you SOOOOO much for writing this up and letting us all know, My mothers cat who I loved and adored passed away awhile ago and she had given me all of the cat things she had because my husband and i have 2 cats. I was going to do the cats flea treatments and I had one thing of advantage but wanted to do both of our cats and she had given me Sentry Purrscriptions that she had originally bought for her cat. I treated our male tabby with the one thing of advantage that i had left that i personally had purchased and was about to treat our female tabby when i decided to look up information on sentry before applying it. Im sure glad i did look up info and greatful that you have posted this. Now im starting to wonder what killed my mothers cat, he was only 3 years old and we had to rush him to the vet because he stopped eating and drinking and was crying in pain. The vet told us that his kidneys had shut down and that we would have to put him down. Now i wonder if this product did that to him. Very glad i didnt put it on our cat! Thank you again soooooooo much!

  12. I put it on my 3 cats and 1 kitten,they all had the same reaction of running around trying to get it off. I wish I would have know to use Dawnl.My male cat,Rebel,vomited for afew days after and also lost fur where the medicine was applield.Its been two weeks since application,thank God their all ok but they all STILL have fleas.Im going back to the Capstar and Advantage2.

  13. First, I want to say sorry to all those who had a bad reaction to this medication. It’s horrible when something bad happens to your pet; you feel so helpless. That being said, I have done the research and my cats did fine with this stuff. They did try to get it off like many others have mentioned but mine do that with ANY topical treatment I have put on them. Also, the active ingredients are actually some of the same used by both frontline and advantage and if you read the packaging, Sentry contains smaller doses. Chances are your animal experienced a side effect of the ‘drug’ just like some people have with human medications. Also, I don’t want to be a jerk but how can you be surprised that the ingredients are pesticides? You are putting it on them to kill BUGS. I did not like how oily the product is or how some of the customer service reps appear to have treated many of you that had the problem. I use comfortis for my dog and I hope they make a cat version soon. Then we can all avoid this problem!

  14. I own three cats, one of which, Lulu, was experiencing horrible itching and skin irritation. I had gone to the vet about it but they couldn’t find any fleas on her so they didn’t recommend flea medication. So I got her a medicated bath at Petsmart (its done by their grooming services), to see if that may resolve any of her itching problems. When she was STILL itching I looked through her fur and could see black bugs crawling all over (though they don’t resemble fleas or hop…) so I decided to dish out the cash for Revolution for all three of my cats. I felt so bad for her that meanwhile as I waited for my order of Revolution to be completed and shipped I wanted to do something short term. So I went to Petsmart and asked what they would recommend. They said Sentry Purrscriptions (the water based spray kind).

    I noticed my cat Lulu foaming at the mouth after I sprayed it on her (she had tried licking it off) – then it occurred to me – how is this spray even safe if you spray it all over their body and they can lick it/ingest it? I called the vet, explained my predicament and she said that she had never heard of Sentry and thus couldn’t advise me though she said generally the ingredients in a tick/flea treatment are toxic if ingested.

    Two days later I noticed vomit on the carpet in the morning, and then twice later that day I saw Lulu foaming at the mouth and panting and sticking her tongue in and out in a panic . Concerned I decided to wash the Sentry off of all three cats. I then went online to see what the product reviews were. And as EVERYBODY will find obviously stated, many people have had deaths of their beloved pets or terrible sickness from this product. That is ridiculous that Petsmart sells this, and that their employee recommended it. CLEARLY it is not safe for the animals and should not be on the market anywhere.

    If something happens to Lulu (or Ace or Belle) for that matter there absolutely will be a lawsuit. Money is of no matter to me, I will raise a living hell if something happens to any of my cats.


  15. I put Sentry Purrscriptions Plus on both of my cats.Esmerelda is an 8yr old Siamese Fats was an 8 yr old Bengal.I put it on in the evening both cats seemed fine.I went to work the next morning at 7am when I returned home at 10pm Essy met me at the door demanding that I fill her feed dish but Fats wasn’t there which was strange because he is always ready to eat he was a very demanding vocal cat.I called him and he didn’t answer I looked in his favorite places but he wasn’t there at first i was afraid my husband had let him out Fats had never been outside in his life.I was getting ready to go out and look for him when I walked into the kitchen, there layed my beautiful cat dead on the floor.Fats was a very large very active healthy cat he had no health problems of any kind and he was dead.I know that the sentry killed him.I wish I had read about it before I used it.I had always used Frontline with no problem but a lot of people told me that the sentry was just as good and a lot cheaper.I feel like I murdered my loyal friend just to save a few dollars.I think this product should be removed form the market before it kills any more pets.


  17. I put this stuff on my one year old cat dylin .a few hours later he was shaking so bad he couldn’t move I didn’t think he was gonna make the night. I’m so mad they keep this on store shelfs

  18. We recently started having our neighbor’s cat (who they found then booted out of their house because it didn’t get along with their other cat)come around which we’ve been feeding and he would occasionally take a catnap in our house. We’ve noticed that he’s been scratching so we’ve figured he may have fleas. I didn’t have any more Advantage left from out recently passed cat so I went to PetSmart to see what they have. All I seen were Sentry products so I picked up a box of the Sentry PurrScriptions Plus figuring that would be good for an outdoor cat because it takes care of not only fleas but ticks and mosquitoes as well. I put it on the cat and not long after he started acting funny. I figured it was just because he wasn’t used to having flea meds applied. He was racing around the house as if he was being chased. I let him outside since he is an outdoor cat so he can ‘run it off’. I haven’t seen him until the next morning when he came to get something to eat. I let him in and fed him since I had cat food left over from my deceased cat. He was ok at first but then he started acting funny again. Like a Jekyll and Hide personality. He laid down for a few minutes then for no reason ran up the steps as if he was scared of something (nobody else was in the house but me) and went under my son’s bed. This cat is a very affectionate cat who loves to be petted however he started to swat and hiss at me when he was under the bed. This was unusual because he would always come when called and was very docile. He was acting a bit agressive so I lured him out eventually and put him outside hoping he didn’t have rabies. Mind you this is not my cat otherwise I would have taken him to the vet, but due to the recent expense of our passing cat, I couldn’t afford to take him at this time because of being unemployed. At any rate, a thought came to me that just maybe it might be the Sentry stuff I put on him so I Googled it and came across this site with all these reviews. Makes me wonder now if his behaviour is in fact due to the Sentry product. I guess only time will tell at this point. I can only hope and pray that he will be alright and that it’s not rabies or the poison of the product. I will just have to watch out for him when I can and see. I’m more inclined to think it was the product because his behaviour changed after I applied it. God please watch over this cat and all those animals affected by this product.

  19. This product almost killed my cat within 3 hours of application today!
    She was foaming at the mouth, convulsing uncontrollably. I raced her to the bathtub and used a botanical soap to wash her. Then I gave her activated charcoal. If this had happened at night, she would have died for sure.

    My own fault- I was trying to save money. Advantage II works, and NEVER hurt ANY of my cats/kittens. Sentry needs to go bye-bye. NOW.

  20. I also put this product on my cats before looking up the information on it. I have 8 cats and some are doing ok, but 2 are not. One threw up and another one is just terribly lethargic and won’t eat or drink.
    It’s a poison for sure and Sentry should not be selling this product to anyone who cares about their cats!!!

  21. I was foolishly trying to save some money and purchased Sentry Purrscriptions at the local pet store. I have a 6 month old cat who I rescued a couple of months ago from a shelter. His reaction was not as severe as some others listed; however he appears to have some scabbing on the area where the product was applied. I only purchased it because I was taking him to a pet hotel while I went out of town and he is otherwise indoors only. I figured it would work fine since he only needed it to be effective for 4 days. He wanted to scratch at the site where the Sentry was applied following the application but that didn’t seem weird to me. He had previously used advantix from the vet with no issues and I obviously will be spending the extra money next time. I am so thankful my kitty’s reaction was not as severe but it easily could have been. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!! I feel just terrible for my little guy.

  22. I also had a similar experience but whit Sentry “natural defense” i had cats vomiting and drooling I had to clean the product off and i went online to found that the ingredients in these “natural” cat medicine were actually poisonous to cats.

    The ASPCA suggests you avoid using peppermint products in areas of the home your cat can access to avoid accidental ingestion or inhalation of peppermint. If you notice your cat appears lethargic or unresponsive and you find evidence that she ingested or inhaled mint, take your pet to the vet immediately.

    I have no idea how can stores like pet smart sell products that are poison to the animals there sold for.

  23. My poor kitten just had to do this. Wish I had seen this first. She’s been drooling all over herself for hours and twitching/flicking her feet. I just bathed her in hopes that it will take away the symptoms. The vet said she should be okay, but if she gets any worse, she needs medical attention. So scared and worried, she is just not herself 🙁

  24. I put sentry on my almost 2 year old cat, Toby. I put the treatment on him yesterday at 4 p.m. I didn’t see any issues other than how greecy the stuff makes his fur until today I’ve been noticing clumps of his hair all over my house which has never happened before. He’s always been scrating the site of the application a lot more.I brushed him and there’sstill aa lot of fur all over the place and I’m recally starting to freak out. I just read all of these experiences and I’m so pissed off that I trusted a stupid store bought cheap product and I swear to GOD that if my cat gets sick or anything happens to him there WL be a lawsuit with sentry on my end. THIS SHIT SHOULD NOT BE OUT FOR SALE ESP. WITHOUT ANY SORT OF A WARNING ABOUT THIS. if anyone else that sentry has screwed you and your cat over wants to start a petition or find a way to get it out there the TRUTH about this product or to let the company of senrty know that we know their product HURTS more cats and people than it HELPS, email me [email protected] these people that create sentry, sell it, and recommend it are obviously heartless and careless and we need to bring it to an end and prevent this mess from happening to anymore cats dogs or their owners!!!!!

  25. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! I wanted to get Advantage Multi for cats to treat fleas/worms/earmites and I called my vet. They would not give me the medicine without bringing my cat in for an exam, and I could not afford the $100 visit PLUS the $60 medicine, so I went to Petsmart for a cheaper alternative (Sentry Purrscriptions for cats 5lbs over). This was about $15 in-store. I put this on my cat, and about 2 hours later her eyes were SUPER dilated, and she was shaking! She kept biting at herself, and every time she took a step, she would shake her paws like they were wet. I knew something was wrong, so I went and washed her with Dawn soap IMMEDIATELY! She shook for a couple of hours after, but then she finally got better. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t have washed it off. This stuff is BAD NEWS! Along with Sergeants, Hartz, etc. Cheaper is NOT BETTER! This stuff is killing animals daily! I can’t believe it’s still on the shelves. I’ve learned since that there is a natural remedy for fleas/worms; it’s called Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) Please do your research people! This will KILL YOUR ANIMAL! Expensive brands cost more for a reason. I will NEVER take the cheap route ever again!

  26. I used sentry caplets in my cats food almost a day ago and niw she is very sick. She barely walks she lost her appetite and cant drink. HORRIBLE product! Wish I had seen these responses earlier 🙁
    Did anybody else used the caplets?
    I feel devastated for harming my cat 🙁

  27. My (babby) cat (Rosey) DIED! It wasn’t a Hartz product. It was called “SCRATCHEX”, a flea collar made by “Farnam Companies”. I purchased it at Pet Supermarkets. She became extremely letharic, then very aggitated. I rushed her to the ER. The Poisionsous Hot line the veterinarian & I called advised us this flea collar was toxic with Carbamate (Propoxur). It was a horrible demise. She suffered terribly. Foaming of the mouth, siezure, tremors, ultimatly it appeared to affect her neurologically. I feel the veterinarian did everything she could to save Rosey, she had just ingested too much of this poison from grooming herself.

    I NEED AN ATTORNEY, PLEASE HELP! (904)414-9296 or my e-mail address above. Please cc: to Email: [email protected]
    I don’t want this to happen to another animal. I can’t bring Rosey back, or even try to replace her. She was such a unique little creature. I can however, help save another animal from goint through this torturous, agonizing death. Signed: Still IN MOURNING! Lisa Bryant

  28. My (babby) cat (Rosey) DIED! It wasn’t a Hartz product. It was called “SCRATCHEX”, a flea collar made by “Farnam Companies”. I purchased it at Pet Supermarkets. She became extremely letharic, then very aggitated. I rushed her to the ER. The Poisionsous Hot line the veterinarian & I called advised us this flea collar was toxic with Carbamate (Propoxur). It was a horrible demise. She suffered terribly. Foaming of the mouth, siezure, tremors, ultimatly it appeared to affect her neurologically. I feel the veterinarian did everything she could to save Rosey, she had just ingested too much of this poison from grooming herself.

    I NEED AN ATTORNEY, PLEASE HELP! (904)414-9296 or my e-mail address above. Please cc: to Email: [email protected]
    I don’t want this to happen to another animal. I can’t bring Rosey back, or even try to replace her. She was such a unique little creature. I can however, help save another animal from goint through this torturous, agonizing death. Signed: Still IN MOURNING! Lisa Bryant

  29. fyi to all… I was reading up on this and and had used sentry prescription plus on my cats a few months back… Using the spray. They all started foaming at the mouths pretty much immediately… I freaked and started bathing them in dawn dish detergent ASAP, WITHIN 5 MINS of application. Apparently SENTRY IS DISTRIBUTED BY SEARGENTS PET CARE PRODUCTS BTW. which have proved fatal to many cats. One of ingredients is a pesticide… Harmful if ingested… Yet what’s the first thing a cat does… Baths itself and licks it. So … Why put a pesticide on a cat..I normally use advantage… After, everything I’ve seen and experienced… I’m scared to ever use anything like that again without checking the label… My kitties are fine fortunately but many are not so be careful.

  30. My boyfriend and I applied this product to our cat after noticing that he had fleas. Immediately after we applied it he hissed at us and hid. We both went about our day assuming he was just mad at us for applying the medication. That evening he went nuts, hissing at us, panting, hiding, running around the house like wild,crying, and howling. We looking up his symptoms online and everyone said to wash off the medication. We did, but his behavior got worse. We took him to a clinic where they called poison control and filled out a toxicology report. The first ingredient was the same as the one in frontline but the second is an insecticide (which is what our cat had the reaction to). Poison control said to wash the area and watch his behavior. They said it would be normal for our cat to have schizophrenic like symptoms for the rest of the night and that if it continued until morning he truly was poisoned. We took him home, and his symptoms continued for about an hour and a half before he started to relax. Today, he seems to be recovering but is very lethargic. And yes, he still has fleas. I don’t recommend this product.

  31. I had a flea infestation which had spread to my tenants’ apartment downstairs. I went to the pet store, and the products with which I was familiar (Advantage, Frontline, Pet Armor, Assurity) were not there. Sentry was, and I assumed this was a respected product and bought it. I followed the directions and applied it to my nine cats. Within a week two of them were dead.

    Now, it’s possible that they already had health issues: Violet was 18 years old and Patrick was morbidly obese. But I can’t help thinking the Sentry hurried them on their way. Two other cats, Elliott and Gwen, were lethargic and depressed for weeks but have since recovered.

    This very unfunny incident has a punchline. The Sentry didn’t kill any fleas. This crap kills cats but it doesn’t kill fleas.

  32. SO wish I had read this … 2 of my 3 cats (4,5, and 1 years old) are still in pain from this and you can see it seeping out along their backs from tail to mid back section in a wet slick… their skin is irritated and raw below the fur seeming to bleed a bit. I am unsure what to do at this point… this is more than a week after application and they are still in pain trying to expel this and acting highly irritated and anxious. I feel horrible for unknowingly hurting our pets this badly… the 3rd cat is acting lethargic and has shown very slight spots like the other 2 but much much less severe. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky this poison didn’t flat out kill our cats from the start.

  33. shame on me for not researching this poison first! I have my babies twitching having constant seizures in my tub, they can not walk and at least they are safe there! Not just ONE but 2. Brothers! One looks like he will make it the other does not! Never ever ever use SENTRY!

  34. Our chihuahua brought home fleas after a walk one day and now the whole house is infested, so we went to Petco looking for stuff that would help. The only products they were shilling were Sentry brand and “all natural” (aka stuff that looked like a bunch of herbs and snake oil, not anything that would really kill fleas), so we picked up Sentry Purrscriptions Flea and Tick spray for our kitties. I mean, the ease of quickly spraying the cats with inexpensive flea spray that has the same active ingredients as other stuff was a selling point. We sprayed all three cats with the stuff when we got home.

    The kitten was largely unaffected (aside from being ticked off and confused). The adult male was annoyed and I suspect he may have run off and thrown up a few times. The cat most affected, our female tortie, immediately had a reaction. She started throwing up foam non-stop until she fell asleep.

    We didn’t think to wash her off or anything because it was hard enough to wrangle her up and spray her down to begin with. For the past few days, she’s been barfy and lethargic, and more affectionate/clingy than usual (she’s usually very anti-social). Luckily, she hasn’t seized up or stopped drinking/eating, but I don’t think this is funny at all. I don’t like seeing our sweet kitty sick and miserable. At best, this stuff does nothing for fleas. All of the cats still have them. At worst, this stuff could probably kill your cat. I will never buy another crappy Sentry product again. Why was this the only brand for sale at Petco? Wtf?

  35. I recently used this shampoo on my 8 year old tabby cat and he seems to be doing fine. Now I’m concerned after reading all these bad experiences. I’m thinking twice about using it on him again. Plus, he no longer has fleas. I’m confused. I will keep reading on this topic for further updates.

  36. Used it on my 4 mo old kitten as suggested by Petsmart employee. As others have said, shame on me….I should have used my tried and true brands. I washed it off her but shes not the same, very lethargic, crying a lot. I pray to GOD she bounces back. This company needs to be stopped. Flat out they are poisoning our pets and getting away with it.

  37. I used this product on my cat, Clarabelle, and I have not had any of these effects at all. Because she is a petite cat I only used half a dose on her. She has had no reaction at all. I’ve been checking her daily and watching for any signs of irritation or abnormal behavior. She hasn’t shown any signs. So I must be one of the fortunate ones. Or just have a cat that isn’t sensitive to this product. I didn’t notice a smell with it either. Maybe they changed the formula or something? Im not sure, but with the massive amount of complaints I’ve seen I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been a lawsuit. I don’t plan on using it anymore just because I don’t want to risk the next time being the Time she does get sick.

  38. I just put some Sentry Purr something on my cat about 30 minutes ago, he is 1 yr old and he immediately started drooling a lot. So I looked up drooling and Sentry on cats and found this page. I wish I would have read this before I used it. Why is this company still in business?? I pray my kitty will be okay, I put some dawn dish soap on a wet washcloth and rubbed till sudsy and tried to remove it from the back of my cats neck, he has stopped drooling, but is sitting close by with eyes wide open. I put it up high enough so he couldn’t lick it and get it in his mouth. Why would this make him drool from being put on his skin?? I had used it once before and it made him drool really bad but I thought he licked it off the back of his neck, he can actually lick that far. But apparently it is just harmful. I hope I got it off in time. That company should be sued and shut out of business. Doesn’t anyone care about our cats and pets??

  39. I have 6 cats and frontline had always worked. I have one that’s been using it for over 10-15 yrs. All of my cats have been completely indoor cats for 4 yrs now and haven’t had an issue at all until this year. The rains have been especially bad and because I also have 2 dogs that go out to potty they dont stay out but they started bringing the fleas in before I knew it it was a full blown infestation. The dogs were on trifexis but managed to bring a few in that blew into a full on infestation in my home. The front line wasn’t helping so I tried Adams (they didn’t have anything good at petco). That didn’t help my babies all 6 cats and 2 dogs and my home were all miserable. The Adams didn’t help at all and I couldn’t give them anything else for 30 days. I went back to petco got my money back and after long talks with the staff they suggested I get the sentry apply it to all cats, and bomb my house, which I did. All my cats are still miserable but slowly subsiding after 2 weeks but after less than a week one of my babies was loosing her hair first I thought it was because of scratching. I noticed a patch off her side like someone shaved her nice neat patch no way she could have done that with scratching. A week later now she has no hair on her belly or back legs at all. Loosing other places here and there too. She will soon be bald. It won’t matter to wash it off its been nearly 2 weeks now. My dogs are doing OK after bombing and the trifexis but my one kitty will have no hair at all soon, I have no idea if it will ever grow back and don’t know what to use on her when the need arise’s. She is a rare albino cat with sensitive skin. I wish I would have looked it up before I took the word of some kid at petco. Shame on me but this stuff should be banned or at the very least come with more precautions and information on the box. You can bet this box is going back to petco with the empty box of adams, and petco will be sued if something bad happens to my cat so far it’s only her hair but if she goes downhill any further it won’t be sentry I’ll sue it will be petco for pushing this like crazy and assuring me it’s completely safe and it’s far from it after all Im reading. These pet stores need to be held more accountable for selling things they have no knowledge of. Another of their products nearly killed my dog a few yrs back from food poisoning. I called the food maker and they wouldn’t take on bit of responsibility for. Don’t feed canned low calorie natural balance… you might loose your dog. If you need more info please look that one up as I did too late to get a heafty vet bill for that one.

  40. Thursday we sprayed this one two of our cats. One has had a very adverse reaction. He began foaming at the mouth and was running away from us. We took him to the vet immediately and they said it was a taste reaction. Until it happened again. Then they said it was reacting like a poison. Now he’s at the vet because he has had a seizure. I sure hope he’s going to be okay.

  41. I’m very nervous! We have 8 ferals and one came by me to eat, they won’t let us put our hands on them. While he was eating near me I put a large drop sentry on his back and he got scared and few. minutes later I see him cleaning himself in the area so I freaked out and read all these reviews and I haven’t seen him since and this was 7 pm and now 5am and I have to go to work and not coming home this weekend so I don’t know if he had or is having a bad reaction, sick or dieing and I want to cry
    We have put on them small drops on their back in the past and no reaction but I put a lot yesterday and Saw him cleaning the area so basically I probably killed our feral or made him very ill
    I have to see him and make sure he is doing good and himself bc he is a great and funny feral

  42. We have a cat going through a lot of the same as everyone else posted. We bought Sentry PurrScriptions Plus by Sergeants Pet Care Products thinking it was a good product for our cat only to find out total opposite. We washed it off as soon as the signs showed up and unfortunately then we read all the reviews. I can’t thank everyone enough for taking time to write these reviews and being proactive. Apparently calling the company does nothing for us, but rather helps them to slap another warning label on the back of the package and a number to call so they can collect data. They are protecting themselves only. I decided instead to contact the store we purchased the product from and let headquarters know that they need to reevaluate the products they put on their shelves. Besides a lawsuit, the only way this product will stay off shelves is to let suppliers of the stores know what is going on so they quit purchasing it to sell. I would encourage others to do so as well and copy and paste this whole review sight so they see the seriousness of it.

  43. I just put the Sentry purrscription drops on my 2 cats last night. One is 2 year old female and the other is 1 year old male. We live in a 2nd floor apartment, so I don’t know how these two got fleas!!!! Anyways, I usually use frontline, but they didn’t have it at petco, and I hate battling fleas. Ugh. This has been so horrible!! So the 1 year old boy got very neurotic and twitchy after I applied the drops yesterday. He licked so much off of himself- I was so upset! He hasn’t barely eaten his food and he’s my piggy! His paw kept tritching and he was staring with wide eyes.

    My girl kitty usually barfs hairballs, but today barfed foam twice! She is upset about the drops, but not as twitchy as mr Link.

    So I bathed them tonight and flea combed them and soaked their litter boxes completely changing the feline pine litter. maybe that’s where the fleas were getting cozy?

    I have deep cleaned my house twice and once in the bathroom. Bathed both cats twice….
    I hate using chemicals, but I will never ever use sentry again and am letting petco know that #1- it made my cats act neurotic and lethargic #2- it doesn’t work at all to kill ANY fleas!! And #3- they mist stop selling it and I’ll show them this page with the reaction stories.

    I’m so glad they’re ok for now, but they’re both acting so sad and irritated.


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