Rest in Peace FUJI

On July 6th, my mom purchased two packs on Hartz Flea and Tick drops. We had three dogs. I put a tube on each of the dogs. The next day I noticed Fuji was kind of weak. I let them all outside in the back yard to play, it was hot, so I let them back in. They were panting and went directly toward the water bowl. Fuji however just ran in and fell over. Then he started urinating on himself (which was odd) because he never uses the bathroom in the house. I immediately picked him up and put him in the tub, I ran cold water on his head and he seemed fine. I thought it was just the heat, so I tried to make sure he was cool. Within the next couple of days he began to have muscle spasms in the back, he would just fall over, and get really stiff. His legs would always get weak and just fall down. At one point I thought he was dead but he got back up. I took him to the emergency room in which they told me they couldn’t see him because I didn’t have 150 dollars! The next day (yesterday) I planned on taking him to the Anti Cruelty Center where they would help for cheaper. I am a college student so I don’t have a lot of money. He seemed to be doing better, he was up and walking, drinking water. But he passed away when I went to class last night. I cried so hard because I put those drops on him. I had him for 4 years…my Fuji. This company needs to be reprimanded for the careless products killings pets! Something needs to be done!

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