Please help us.

Hello. My two pugs had fleas and we gave them both HARTZ flea and tick medicine. They were already upset about having fleas obviously, and then the next day one of them was acting fine and the other was acting a bit weak. About two days have passed, and one of them is still fine, and the other is continuing to act strangely. She hasn’t eaten anything we offer her and she doesn’t drink much. We’ve been trying to get her to eat and drink. Its not working.

On here, I read that we should use Dawn dish soap to try to get the stuff off her skin. We did that today, and gave her some Benadryl earlier. The vet said that its been too long since she received the HARTZ treatment and there isn’t much we can really do for her apparently.

Please, if anyone has any advice, please, please tell me.
I don’t want to lose a dog again. I just lost my childhood dog last year to a car and then got these two. I can’t take it, please, if anyone can, someone help us. She’s dying as I write this. 🙁

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  1. Take your dog to the vet. I put this medication on my two dogs this past Saturday because I was out of frontline. I noticed Sunday that my corgi wasn’t eating either meal. Then she didn’t eat Monday or Tuesday. I took her to the vet yesterday because she was trying to vomit but couldn’t. He ran blood work on her and she is severly dehydrated and her liver isn’t functioning properly. My lab is perfectly fine. We can’t be sure that this medication caused this problem but it’s a weird coincidence. I’m waiting for an update today. Good luck! Don’t wait. Once their organs start shutting down sometimes it’s too late to reverse it.

  2. Barkster,
    What happened to your dog? Will you please give us an update?

    Thank you!

    I’m so sorry that your dog was affected!

    I’m sorry to hear about your story. What has happened to your dog since then?

    Tiffany, perhaps you meant for Barkster to consult another vet to see if they knew of something more that could be done. Their vet told them that there was nothing more that could be done since it had been some time since their pet had been exposed to the product.

    Does anyone have information about this kind of situation? Like what treatments might help. You can tell us your story. What happened. What your vet said. If you are offering suggestions, please tell your source.

  3. Hello guys. Thanks for the concern. My dog has survived thanks to immediate action. She is currently doing well. I’m sorry for not updating in awhile.

    I will never use HARTZ Products again.

    She has an infection on her head at the moment that we’re treating.

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