Tessa was a big, beautiful, sweet cat. Offspring of another cat we had, she was born here. She never had any health issues. Her trips to the vet were once a year for her immunizations. She got fleas this year. We used HARTZ ULTRA GUARD PRO FLEA & TICK DROPS on her Tuesday, July 6th, 2010, in the evening. Wednesday night, about 24 hours later, she was acting odd, like she was kind of weak, but seemed fine otherwise. The next day I called the vet’s office, but he was out on livestock calls. The office said to wash Tessa with dishwash soap to try and get as much of the HARTZ product off as we could. They also said fleas feed on the animal’s blood and that could be what was making her act like she was tired and weak. She was bathed. Her appetite was good. In the morning she seemed better. In the afternoon she was worse and I called the vet – farm calls again. They said to give her chicken broth, it has a lot of nutrients. The vet would be in, in the morning. I gave her chicken broth, she loved it. I was relieved. Continued with the chicken broth every 30 minutes. At 7:30 pm I tried giving her water, no go. Okay, then chicken broth, she was completely disinterested and she wouldn’t even lift her head. She seemed so weak. This part is hard to write. I laid her on the table and cried. I knew we were losing her. Her front legs stretched out and she started jerking, like with a siezure. Her breaths started coming in gasps, like every 5-6 seconds. I picked her up and held her close. She died within 5-10 minutes. Shock, a perfectly healthy cat two days earlier, and now she was dead, July 9th, 2010. Why?

I talked to our daughter a couple hours later and let her know we had lost Tessa. Our daughter found this website, the very first link offered, after googling “hartz, fleas, kills, cat”. The latest victim story was posted July 5th and I was stunned at how similar the deaths were and I knew, without a doubt, it was the flea drops that had killed her. I couldn’t read anymore right then. I don’t understand why this product is even still on the market. Similar stories having been posted for 8 years. From what I have learned recently, the flea drop ingredients enter the animal’s bloodstream and then attacks the central nervous system. If someone tortures an animal, whether it results in death or not, it is a crime. Our cat died an awful death as a direct result of using a HARTZ product.

Please pass along this information to all your friends and family. Hartz knows this is happening but they continue to market their flea drop products to the public. A law suit isn’t going to bring my, or anyone else’s, beloved pets back, but we definitely need to do whatever it takes to keep it from happening to anyone else.

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