My dog Powder…..

I applied Hartz to my dog Powder yesterday around 2pm. I noticed she was walking a bit weird. I thought she somehow stunned her leg a little bit. She is normally kind of rowdy. I took her out side to let her go potty in the back yard. She was playing around like she normally does but both of her legs were moving in-sync, which was strange. Within about 2 hours she could no longer walk and she started shaking. I lifted her on to our bed to see what was wrong. I gave her a doggy bone to see if she could eat it. She couldn’t muster up the strength to eat theĀ  treat. We immediately rushed her down to the vets office with both the Hartz in hand as well as a dog shampoo. The doctor explained what the Hartz product is and told us they will give her treatment as best they can. I will absolutely go ballistic if Powder dies.

One thought on “My dog Powder…..”

  1. Omg, that’s horrible. My kitten Fade has some fleas, so I went to the local WalMart, and I got a “five finger discount” a collar and the flea egg/larva one spot. I’m soooooo glad I ran into this site RIGHT after putting the stuff on. Needless to say I gave him about 4 baths, 2 with vinegar just for good measure, even use an antiseptic all over him, then another wash. He’s fine now, this was at 10 AM, it’s 6 PM now, but this stuff should not be on the market wtf! Me thinks that Hartz has some politcal pull in the EPA or FDA, both terribly corrupt organizations. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this garbage, and I’m honestly thinking of going back there and stealing ALL of hartz products and dumping them in the trash. IDK if this will do anything besides get me into jail, but I honestly don’t care. If enough people did that, I think something would be done, but Hartz is keeping this pretty quiet, there’s TOO many victims for nothing to be done.

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