RIP Hareton

My 2-year-old cat died today (July 4) after using Hartz UltraGuard Onespot for cats. I put it on him last week. I thought his lethargy and loss of appetite would pass. He stopped eating. Yesterday he started walking funny as if he was dizzy and when I came home last night, he was asleep IN his cat box. Today before I could get him to a vet, he had a seizure and died in the middle of my living room in front of my 7-year-old daughter. We are both heart broken and devastated. I feel immense guilt for putting this poison on him. I thought his condition was temporary and I wish I had taken him to the vet right away last week. I was told that sometimes pets have a slight reaction to the chemicals but it can pass. I know not all animals will die from this product, as some are more sensitive to the chemicals than others are, but this is not a chance I will take again. I now know there are many ways to treat fleas other than putting pyrethrins or strong pesticides on your cat. It is logical that if these chemicals are hazardous to humans they surely are for a pet as well. Why does it suddenly seem okay to put a dangerous chemical on your cat simply because the package has a robust looking cat on the package? Sure, these chemicals kill fleas (if they have not a resistance yet) but they will also kill your pet.

I have noticed on the label of the product that it does not state that Hartz UltraGuard Onespot is systemic, which means it will get into the blood stream and into the nervous system. For $4.99 I thought (silly, naive me) that it would be a simple topical ointment as some other kinds of flea medicines. I did wash him 3 times with Dawn dish soap after I noticed he was acting unusual an realized his condition was not mild enough to seem temporary. It also does not state anywhere on the package not to use the product more than one time a month which leaves me concerned that since the product doesn’t work, a person may be inclined to apply more. If one dose killed my cat in under a week, think what pain and suffering two doses would cause a pet.

After reading letters and articles extensively across the internet it is abundantly clear to me that Hartz’s main interest is their bottom line, as many of their products have not been tested appropriately and are toxic or useless. I have noticed recently while shopping in the pet isles of many stores Hartz is the only brand available, amazing for such awful products. I will stress with much importance to everyone I know to avoid all Hartz products and I will personally boycott them.

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