Hartz Horror

Sunday morning July 4TH 2010 at about 8TH I put Hartz ultra guard flea & tick drops on my (Catahoula) dog Indy. After about 4-5 hours I noticed he was getting sick and not wanting to stand up or walk. I called the vet and hubby called hartz. Hartz only advise was to wash him and take him to a vet, well after so many hours washing him would not have done much good as the product was already in his bloodstream (my vet confirmed). We asked hartz if there was an anti-dope, they told us there was not. We raced him over to the vet were he got treated.
The next day, Monday the 5TH, Indy was much worse, to we took him back to the vet again were he was put on a drip immediately.
He is doing better now but is still on medications. My vet is willing to testify in court that this product had almost killed him, according to him it should be taken of the market! If there is anybody here that has had the same experience recently, please let me know and mail me your story.

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  1. Our family cat Tessa passed away from Hartz One Spot on Friday, July 9th, within hours of application. My mother phoned the vet, washed her with Dawn and gave her chicken broth as instructed, but Tessa died in her arms before she could even make it to the clinic.

  2. My cat was a happy cat until my husband bathed him with The Hartz shampoo to keep the fleas away.
    My husband purchased the collar and the hartz shampoo from walmart. First he put the collar on our cat and he noticed that the cat was not walking straight and he was falling on the floor with no reaction. So, my husband removed the collar and he started reacting better.
    My husband bathed him and used the Hartz shampoo which makes our cat more sick. Our cat stopped eating, drinking and going to the bathroom. We started feeding him with injector but he was not reacting normal. We took to the vet and the vet said that my cat was done due to his age-14years old- plus the hartz collar and shampoo.
    We called the Hartz company to report that my cat was putting down. They said that their supervisor would call me. Today is the sad day of my life. My cat, Tracer, has been part of my life for 14 years. These products must be in recall.

    God Bless You
    Andrea Souza

  3. ok so im a officially scared i put hartz on my peekapoo puppie and shes fine i put it on her yesterday at like 4 and she hasnt changed but she also had a flea collar on and it kepts getting stuck in her mouth will she be ok? please let me know cause the flea collar was hartz too! help please

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