Cat having reaction to Hartz flea and tick medicine video

This video was provided by our friend Kathleen. Please pass this along and warn everyone you know of the dangers of Hartz flea and tick medications!


2 thoughts on “Cat having reaction to Hartz flea and tick medicine video”

  1. I would have never thought to search online for reviews on Hartz before purchasing and using due previous years of using the product and no apparent affects, negative reactions until 3/30/12 using it on ny cat ‘baby’. I was up until 4 am watching her. She didn’t react negatively in the beginning after applying but I noticed her running through the house and hiding this is not her normal behavior. She is jumpy as if something is in her eye or ear, moving backwards, as if trying to escape. I’m so upset…looking for a vet as we speak.

  2. WTF about an hour ago I applied Hartz flea and tick drops I bought tonite on my cat Jewel. Within 5 seconds she freaked running, bouncing off the walls, making errie vocal sounds never heard before, struggling to lick it off, and staring at me freakishly when she would stop. I put her in shower to clean it off best we could, Now she is hiding in a place that have not seen her hide before. This crap ain’t right. Don’t use and hold Hartz accountable.

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