Sick dog, thanks to Hartz Ultra Guard

My dog was an extremely healthy dog. She is a working service dog, and sees the vet at ANY sign of trouble. We knew she was in wonderful health prior to the flea medication. We’ve never been the type to be cheap when it comes to the dog. She’s my lifeline and best friend. Her presence in my life allows my family to feel comfortable and have peace of mind when I’m by myself.

I never knew that a flea medication could be dangerous. Why would it be on the shelves if it was killing off pets? When food is bad, they recall it. I didn’t stop my family from purchasing the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick drops, because I never thought this was a risk. I figured because of the price that it wouldn’t work. That was all I thought would happen; Nothing. I feel even worse, because not only did I not research, I was the one who put this on my dog.

She had a seizure. When she attempted to get up, her front legs completely failed her. This was one of the worst things I have ever had to witness. I was helpless to stop any of this once that liquid was on her. All I could do was follow instructions over the phone.  She is alive. I’m so grateful that she made it. I do have to wonder if this will have lasting effects that will force me to remove her from service work.

I hope word continues to spread about what this company, and others like it, are doing. No one should have to endure this.

8 thoughts on “Sick dog, thanks to Hartz Ultra Guard”

  1. I am in the same boat my dog was fine and a day later after putting it on her she lost all control of her back legs. I am so upset this needs to be stopped befor it happens again to any other person or animal.

  2. I hate whoever it is that produces this product.
    One of my mottos:
    A dog is the only creature that cares more about your life that it’s own.
    With loyalty like that, loyalty needs to be given back.
    Hartz is just a money maker.

    Oh & one more thing!
    Does anyone know if someone has ever sued Hartz?

  3. I put this poison on my dog thinking I was helping him get rid of his fleas. Like the story above, he lost all control of his back legs. I have to carry him to his food and outside to go to the bathroom. This is disgusting and should not be allowed to continue!!

  4. Put the UltraGuard Pro (weighing over 30lbs) on my german shepard / collie and within a short time all her hair has fallen off on her back. Her skin has turned a black and 6 months later no hair will grow where the liquid went. I have read the above statements and am lucky that she never lost use of her legs or anything, but the product has caused lasting damage to my beautiful dog.

  5. I also put this on my dog 3 days ago within 5 hours he was throwing up he has not eaten and is still throwing up and is weak. All because i trusted this product and tried to protect my dog from fleas,

  6. I applied Hartz Ultra Guard Plus to my Long Haired Chihuahua. She wouldn’t eat, had diarrhea and would vomit everything she ate or drank. So far she has been to the vet twice. I have bathed her several times with dishwashing liquid. I am also giving her yogurt and Pepto Bismal through a dropper. The vet also gave me an antibiotic for her. Hopefully she will begin eating in the next day or so. Why is this product allowed in store shelves?

  7. I put this flea treatment on my dog and by the next morning , he has stopped eating , whereas before he had a healthy appetite. He is a three month old German Shepherd. He has visibly lost weight and when I finally tempted him to east some turkey, he vomited it right back up. I am really upset that a product that causes such problems is for sale like this.

  8. I also purchased this product for my teacup poodle. Never used before thinking it was ok to use. Next day she started scratching and licking her tail and side back legs terribly. Never seen her like this, but after reading the reviews I’m upset with this product.
    Gave her a good bath-with a good oil conditioner for dogs..I hope this stops, her is hair thinning both back side legs and tail bad. She has been always healthy 😔

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