Hartz Ultra Guard and Dizzy Dog

I gave my 90lb German Shephard a few drops of the 60lb Hartz Ultraguard.  I had only found one flea and was not wanting to medicate him for a full blown outbreak.  We are lucky in that we have never really had fleas or ticks but he will pick up occassional pests on our field outings.  This morning he literally fell into the side of the house and while hiking his leg on a tree almost fell over again.  We immediately went to the vet.  $200 later and blood tests the vet is not sure what is wrong with him.  He instructed me to give him a good bath with dishsoap to cut the oil in the Hartz poison.  He was a perfectly healthy dog and now he looks dizzy and clearly feels bad.  How can Hartz Ultraguard be allowed to remain on the shelves to claim more victims?   I feel so bad that I have poisoned my little boy and those sad eyes keep asking me “whats wrong mommy”  I am so upset over this….

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  1. Email me. We are getting people together to form a civil lawsuit. [email protected]

    My grandmother lost her cat June 4th to the Hartz Ultraguard flea collar.

    Let me know if your interested.

    Thank you,

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