Hartz Flea & Tick almost killed my dog this week

We treated our 12 yr old ,70 lb, Golden Retriever/Husky, Aly, with flea & tick drops down her back Friday, July 2.  On Monday July 5 this week she started having seizures.  It was horrible and unfortunately, my son and his friends saw it happen.  We got her to the vet asap and she was able to diagnose it as a reaction to the drops.  She treated her with phenobarb, an IV, and we took her home and bathed her with Dawn.  Aly was seizure-free for 5 hours but then at 9:00 pm began to have one every hour until morning.  Awful! I got her to our vet who gave more phenobarb & IV then recommended going to critical care animal hospital in St Louis an hour away.  She had two more seizures there until they could get it under control.  The specialty vet there also concurred it was a result of the Hartz drops.  Aly’s blood work was fine and she had been perfectly healthy up to that point. She stayed two days which was costly, but she is alive.  She is now home, a little confused at first.  She as diarrhea from the phenobarb she is still on to prevent anymore seizures and has trouble standing, so she can’t get up and go to the door to let me know she has to go out.  I have to physically pick her rear end up and walk her outside every 2 hours.   It has been very wearing and stressful for our family.  My vet contacted Hartz and they gave advice how to treat her(doesn’t that admit fault?).  My vet had already done everything.  The Hartz vet did follow up with a phone call to my vet to see how Aly was doing two days later.  I tried contacting Hartz and the EPA today but the people I need to talk to do not work on Friday afternoon.  This has to stop.  There are so many victims.  I am throwing away all Hartz products, boycotting them, talking to everyone I know about it, posting on Facebook, and perhaps next week someone at Hartz and the EPA will be working and can take a call!

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