UltraGaurd Flea & Tick Collar (Near?) Tragedy

I found a lost and lonely kitten out in the middle of the woods in the rain.  Lost, soaked, and shivering she followed me to the car and jumped in. Took her home, gave a bath, and some food.  combed her with flea comb, no fleas or ticks.  went to store, bought food, litter and box, and a Hartz collar to keep fleas away.  Less than two days later, she started to walk like she was drunk.  i had noticed her cleaning herself and licking her chest just under the collar the night before.  Researched online, found this site and other info,  Removed the collar, gave her bath with mild dish soap.  Within an hour she was doing better.  Been two hours now and tomorrow morn will see how she is.  Hate to think i caused her this problem, had i only  known about these collars being bad for some cats…….. i never would have used it.  Thank you for this site.

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  1. After an advise from some people I had bought Hartz ultra guard flea drops. We put this on my Catahoula leopard dog, Indy yesterday morning. Later on in the day I noticed he was not feeling well, I told my husband Indy is not good there is something very wrong. My husband immediately made the connection to the flea treatment. He called Hartz and the (so called) customer service lady told us to wash it of, but washing is not going to help as this product goes into the bloodstream, when asked about a anti-dope she told us there was non. In the meantime I had called the vet and we raced over there with, by that time, our very sick dog. He is doing much better now no thanks to Hartz. Yesterday was the 4TH of July we would have been gone all day, but thank God it rained so we stayed home instead. Had we been gone we prob. would have been to late and would have lost our Indy. So please dont buy this horrible product, you might loose you pet over it.

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