Hartz flea and tick drops

December 2009, 2 weeks before x-mas my cat Spunky died After applying Hartz flea and tick drops. Now my cat Chloe is at the Central Emergency Pet Hospital in Coquitlam BC for the same thing but she is going to be ok (THANK GOD). But my cat Spunky didn’t survive. On the way to the emerg pet hospital Spunky died in his cat carrier and when we arrived we was already dead. I have never been through something like ever. I want to sue Hartz for this shitty product and I have just learned is very toxic to cats and some dogs. They need to take this product off the store shelves as I am sooo pissed

2 thoughts on “Hartz flea and tick drops”

  1. Hartz you bastards! My cat just died!!! F U I had used the Onespot Ultra Guard on her a few days ago and she seemed a little weak today and I just found her dead!!! What are you, Muslim? trying to kill everything with your fucking products!!!!

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