Did drops cause vomit?

When I was growing up, my family had a cat that refused to eat anything other than Fancy Feast.  When my family fell on hard times, this was a bit of a problem, expense-wise.  When my husband and I got a dog, we certainly didn’t want to be eaten out of house and home.  Unfortunately, the puppy seemed to always be hungry and tried to eat his feces whenever he got the chance, so we put him on a better (more expensive) food, which has made a difference for the better.  Our puppy was seen by our vet after we got him and was given one of the big name flea and tick products there, with no problems, but we had to cut costs somewhere, so when it came time to get more flea/tick medicine, we went to the store and got Hartz drops.  Like others on this site, I figured that the worst that could happen was that the stuff just wouldn’t work, and he would get flea infested.

A couple of days ago, I found a tick when I was bathing him (I removed this and saved it in a cup with alcohol–I always do for a couple of days, just in case of illness).  After his bath, I got the drops and read the container to double-check the directions.  I was a little miffed that I had to put it down his whole back, but not as miffed as I was when I saw that it should, under no circumstances, be used on cats.  We also have a cat, and I was a little worried, but then realized that he should be fine because he hates the dog and avoids him like the plague.  The cat has been fine, by the way, but I was already considering buying something else next time, just to be safe.  After the application, I put the dog in his crate for a while, just so the stuff wouldn’t get spread around anywhere while it was fresh.  He has been fine, except for slightly flaky skin and loose hairs around the application site.

I woke up this morning, less than 48 hours later, and he had thrown up.  I had heard him coughing when I woke up, so I know it was recent.  He was his usual, happy self when I opened his crate, then he threw up again.  I cleaned everything and removed his bedding and put him back in his crate while I took care of some things, and he threw up a third time.  After first using the drops, I looked up reviews to see if they worked at all (stupid, I know, I know…).  That’s when I found this site (along with all the others that say Hartz doesn’t even work well).  I informed my husband that, due to the intense toxcicity to cats, we would not use the product anymore, even on the dog, but I figured I would at least let it run its course this month.  Now that he has thrown up, though, I bathed him with dawn, just to be safe, and he seems to be fine now.  I don’t think he could have gotten into anything the night before to make him vomit, because he would have done it the night before.  I don’t know if it was tick related.  I don’t know if it was the drops.  Maybe he just felt funny this morning and is fine now all on his own.  Just the same, I won’t be using Hartz drops anymore.

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  1. I am so upset about all of this. I have a 7 month old puppy, which I had used a flea collar on when we went camping. After using this she had started throwing up yellow foam and coughing nonstop. She also had thrown up a ton of food. We thought she had just gotten into some people food and had a little too much. I’m at work now, and also freaking out because I just bathed her last night in the shampoo!!!!!! I feel so bad for doing this to her. I really just don’t understand how this is ALLOWED to be sold. First time pet owners, like myself must have no idea and it is just a tragedy that pets and their owners will continue to experience such a thing. It blows my mind.

  2. My parents have 3 dogs now… 10 9 and 5…before that we had one for 18 years and one for 10 and many before i was born,,,(im only 26) but my family has ALWAYS used this and had no problem,,,so i dont understand what the big deal is?

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