Sergeants Silver made my cat very ill

Fortunately, I noticed the signs of my cat Cricket being ill very quickly, so I got her into the vet pretty early, but even so a day and a half later she’s still not herself. My manfriend put Sergeant’s Silver on her even though I told him to never use anything but Frontline, and I had no idea that he had done it. I noticed the next day she had foam around her mouth, she was wheezing, lethargic, drinking tons of water and basically hanging out in front of her water bowl unable to move. She stopped eating and her eyes started tearing. I asked the man friend what he had given her, and he told me and I immediately called the medical line listed on the package. They told me the only reason she would have those symptoms is because she “must have licked it, and cats cant spit so they foam and drink lot of water.” Then I got angry and said, “so we’re just going to ignore the wheezing, not eating, and lethargy are we?!” Then he said she must have ingested it somehow and I needed to take her to the vet.

The Vet said that Cricket definitely did not ingest the Sergeant’s Silver, but this was Toxicity/Toxic Shock caused by contact with her skin alone. Fortunately my rapid response to her symptoms meant she only had mild toxicity. They had to keep her overnight, bathe her a few times with special shampoo, and give her atropine to stop the foaming. The bill was only $93 so I was very lucky, but the vet and I agree, this product should not be sold to an uninformed public! They sell this crap at WalMarts all over the country! It kills people’s pets all the time or costs them gobs of money. You all should call the company responsible and DEMAND REIMBURSEMENT FOR YOU VET BILL! This is not one of the possible hazards listed on the box, so they are duty bound to do that. If they resist, threaten a class-action lawsuit. If you want to start one, email me. I’d be more than happy to help.

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  1. Please let me know how your pet is doing. I recently had the same experience you did with one of my three cats and am still hoping he is going to be ok. Are you aware of any current filings for a class action suit against this inhumane company? I want to have these poisons removed from the stores.

  2. Hey!
    after a couple baths she was just fine. She was sluggish for about three more days, but she’s just fine. If your cat seems like it’s doing really badly, take it to the vet, definitely! He or she may need atropine, or to be monitored overnight, depending on her exposure level.

  3. i put the sergeants silver kill cat drop on and kill it did the vet could not save her her gums were white no red blood cold not eat or drank and could bearly walk the vet and we tryed to save her no good i just cry my baby is gone not old a young cat and never sick i would like to be in a lawsuit iand my man are soooo mad.

  4. yep!!! That sergeants silver was “A REAL WINNER “it damn near killed my cat!!!!id like to know if the creators of this crapppp have pets of there own so they can spray their pets with this poisonous bullcrap and see if they did a wonderful job in the making I’m pissed off i think they should ban the poison before it really tops things off if this crappp can do damage to an animal imagine what it can do to a human being like “A CHILD PERHAPS”.. WAY TO GO SERGEANTS SIVER HI HO!!!!! YOU NEED A MEDAL FOR YOUR DEADLY PERFORMANCE!!!!!!

  5. We also had put the flea drops from sergeants on our cat..i put it on at abt 830pm…i woke up at 3am to use the bathroom and.he was acting Very weird..blinking alot hissing at nothing, walking shaking his paw like something was on it,not eating or drinking. Within minutes, he started seizing. We took him to the emergency vet and they bathed him, while bathing him, he seized.again…they need to keep him over night. and treat him with anti convulsants and anti tremor meds along with fluids etc. the bill is outrageous and i don’t have the money to pay, now idk if they will let him come home BC i can’t pay the balance of $400-800 depending on the medication they had to do. I’m so lost for help now.

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