Hartz ultraguard

I had bought this over the counter product at the Walmart. I used it on my pug and she developed a sore/burn where it was applied. I washed the liquid off with dish soap. My other dog was uneffected by the Hartz, however I have washed it off and we have gone with frontline plus. I am still waiting on my pugs wound to heal before I try frontline. I have been giving her dishsoap/vinegar baths in the interm. However, I am still worried how frontline will effect her.
I wish that this was more common knowledge abd pet owners do not have to find out the hard way. Also, I am lucky that Smushy did not suffer as much as some unlucky dogs.

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  1. We just used Hartz ultraguard and flea collars on both my cats and dogs, my cat Cheech about a half an hour later began to meow loudly run around and rub himself against stuff as if he was in pain. We called the vet, immediately washed off the medicine and removed the collars and we came across this site and many others. We must stop this horrible corporation and defend our helpless pets! If I had not came across the articles and warnings on the internet I may have poisoned my cats to death. I am currently watching them carefully and I pray to god everything will be okay.

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