Dogs affected by Hartz meds and shampoo

This came in via email:

I have a 5 year old yellow lab who started having seizures 4 years ago. I took him to the vet, had every test done and left with them telling me some dogs, especially labs just have seizures. He was occasionally having them, once every month or less. They aren’t full seizures because he knows when Im there and where I am and tried to come to me, but can’t control his body. His body stiffens, he foams, shakes and sometimes pees.Its heartbreaking to watch, but after 4 years I had gotten used to the fact that I just had a dog with epilepsy.

Now last night my 4 year old white german shepherd awoke me at 4 am having a seizure. I thought what are the odds I have two dogs that have seizures so I started to look at what I have been doing. I have moved all over many states so I ruled out chemicals or something they were getting into from home and such. There were three consistent things: Purina Dog Chow, Milkbone treats, and Hartz flea meds and shampoo. I wash them once every two months or more. The flea meds, when in Florida because they are a huge problem year round, I gave them some every 3-5 weeks. Now in Michigan I didn’t all winter and did about 6 weeks ago. Unlike other peoples stories, mine dont have seizures right after usage. This time it was 6 weeks after using.

Have you heard anything about delayed sickness or seizures? And after reading all the negative stories, I obviously scrubbed them to the best of my ability and am immediately stopping the use of ANY Hartz products. My next question is what do I do now? Ive been poisoning my dogs for years. Have you heard of long time health problems or do you think I’ll be ok by stopping the usage?

Other than the seizures both my dogs eat and drink healthy, get more than enough exercise and are healthy weight. The only negative thing is the occasional seizures that now are apparently affecting bot my dogs. I know you aren’t a vet, but I need guidance. I feel terrible, my dogs are my kids.

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  1. Has anyone had any experience with Adam’s flea treatment for cats? It’s a ‘spot-on’ liquid that you administer on the back of their necks. The only place I have found it in the metro Atlanta area is Kroger and it’s 15.00 for three tubes, which makes it a little less expensive than the Advantage I get from Australia… I used Adam’s spray (pyrithrins) years ago with no ill results, but the spray is so messy and they don’t like it. My last post gave an incorrect web site eaddress for Advantage. It’s It takes about a month to receive it since it’s coming from Australia….m.

  2. Josh, don’t feel bad. I have two English pointers that I love dearly. I have had the same problems but with a different product “Happy Jack”. My oldest pointer “Corky” had fleas real bad so we went out and bought some happy jack spray. We sprayed all the dogs monthly for 2 months trying to kill the darn fleas. One night at 2 or 3 in the morning my pointer Corky let out the scariest yelp. I jumped out of bed to only find her looking like one of the werewolf’s in dog soldiers. He tongue was violently flicking in and out of here mouth, her lips were all curled up and she was doing the bicycle ” laying on her side legs moving like crazy”. I though crap she’s choking on tissue paper ” she likes to eat that crap when I’m not looking”. We took her to the emergency vet ans they said everything was fine and suggest that she may have had a seizure. I thought ya right, I know what a seizure is and that wasn’t it. It was fall and no more need for the flea spray. The next spring we started using the happy jack flea spray again. Sure enough, two months later here we go again and this time it happened in the back yard. The loud yelp as same as before and so on. I thought WTF?? What could she have choked on this time. I comforted her the best I could. She was scared of me as she came out of it, growling and barking at me as if she didn’t know who I was. I thought to myself, the next time this happens I am taking her to my vet. So here we go again, 2 weeks later the poor dog has another, so I took her to my vet this time. The vet says and I quote ” She is having Grand Maul seizures”. They did all the tests and what not and called me. They said that all the tests came back fine and sometimes dogs just have seizers. I started doing research on the net to find out what was causing my dogs problems. I found out that this crap isn’t good for anything other then for chemical warfare. Pyrethrins are no good for any body including cats and dogs and for that matter all mammals. My vet said that there is no way that Pyrethrins could cause my dogs seizures. I printed a copy of the web page that I was reading at that time and took it to her. She was dumbfounded. I stopped using it and guess what, my dog hasn’t had a seizure for 1 year until now. My wife forgot that the flea shampoo we had in the hall closet was not to be used and was to be thrown away. Well my dog just had another seizure. She bathed them 3 weeks ago and here we go again. Well needless to say, the flea shampoo and all the crap that has pyrethrins in it are in the trash. I hope other people read this and not use anything that has that crap in it. It is just sad that the EPA and others could let this go on.

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