An apology

I sincerely apologize, as well as thank all of those who have contacted me to let me know that you were seeing Hartz ads on Please know that these ads were not hand selected by me, rather they were served by Google based on keyword relevance. This is a site where words like “Hartz”, “fleas”, “ticks”, “cat”, “dog”, etc. appear a lot. Google serves ads based on the density of those key words. You can read more about how Google’s ad serving works here.

Google allows me to filter competitive ads. For years I made sure no ads would direct a reader to Hartz also has sites such as and I have since blocked those top-level domains as well. Below are the competitive ad filters that are currently applied:

If you know of any other online retailer that carries Hartz products, please let me know so I can effectively boycott them.

Again, my apologies, and thank you for understanding.

My best,


4 Replies to “An apology”

  1. Thank you for this site. I was about to go buy Hartz flea treatments for both of my dogs, after finding your site, I decided not to. You may just have saved two dogs from poison. Thank you so much!

  2. They sell Seargeants at Walmart… my cat is at the vet now on an IV to flush out her system. The vet said she most likely wont make it, all because I bought a cheap flea and tick treatment… I had no idea they would sell something so toxic, and now I’m just sick knowing i might have killed my cat…

  3. I have 3 kittens with a flea problem and so far i have bathed them with natural lemon shampoo and used baking soda and salt over all my furniture and washed all my clothing and bedding, but the fleas are still here. i know it is a process to get rid of them and my roommate thought it would be a good idea to spend a couple bucks on Hartz flea collars at wal mart. i already didn’t like the idea because i had done a little research and never been a person to trust chemicals(see above treatments). we put one collar on one kitten and within a few seconds she started licking it. i said “get it off of her right now, i’m gonna do some research on this. i don’t trust it” and sure enough, my instinct was right, this small research may have saved the lives of three beautiful kittens. i will do everything in my power to help boycott this company and products. thank you all very, very much

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