Do not use seargants silver

I used Seargants silver on my dog and immediately he started itching. Within a day, he itched himself raw and was constantly crying and running in circles. His hair fell out and had literally itched the skin off his back. I took him to the vet where she called seargant’s for advise. They told her to put vitamin E on it. Yeah, like vitamin E is going to help. after two trips to the vet and a week long of my dog in constant agony, he finally started to take a turn for the better. Seargant’s did nothing but reimburse me for the product saying it was my fault the product failed because I used it incorrectly. HELLOOOO….how can you put flee medicine on a dogs back incorretly? I am FURIOUS and will NEVER use anything of this brand ever again. I highly advise everyone boycot this manufacturer and put them out of business.

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  1. I used Sergeants Gold today on my three year old 60 lb. sturdy female mutt. I had not noticed fleas but it was time. We were out of Frontline. I know not to use it on cats.
    Josie was fine for several hours then started wheezing. She is a noisy dog anyway so I just filed the noise. She ran around but seemed a little out of sorts and restless. By 8 pm she was very restless and would not drink. She kept trying but would not lap. She had eaten dinner but had not taken her two Benadryl I put in her food.She has sensitive skin so I usually give her two a day.
    She was foaming and drooling all night.No active seizures but lots of agitation. Would not lick an ice cube/did take some peanut butter from my finger.
    I think she had a reaction to the meds. Now I know and will warn others.
    Do not use Sergeants Gold or any over the counter flea stuff!!

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