I harmed my cat

I thought I was doing something good for our cat and now am sure I contributed to her death.  Last week I purchased HARTZ tick&flea drops at our Stop&shop.  It was 15.99.  I read all directions, applied drops to back of neck and within  minutes she was   running around all crazy.  I tried to wipe some of the drops off.  A little bit later I decided she was having a seizure of sorts and she bolted for the door.  It has been over a week and we are sure she has died somewhere.  After going on-line and reading all the blogs and viewing the videos we are sure that she had a reaction the the HARTZ!  That product should not be sold and should be removed immediately from the shelves!!!!!If I can prevent one other person from harming their pet I will.  We are devastated at our loss and have terrible guilt that we harmed our family pet.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I just went through the same thing with my cat. I applied Sergeant’s Gold on him and he never got better. He died in my arms in emergency clinic week later from renal failure. I have an incredible guilt that I killed him trying to protect him. I really feel your pain. I hope you will get over the grief and remember your best moments with your pet. This product should be banned and removed from the shelves of the stores. Did you contact the company? They should investigate this incident and compensate you. Good luck and sorry for your loss!

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