Not knowing I went to Publix to buy Hartz Flea and Tick (the one that goes from shoulder blade to tail). I have five dogs and I bought one for each by weight. Thank god I did not use the full tube on each of them. My 16 year old chihuahua went crazy running all over the house, breathing heavy and her eyes were greyish. My schnauzer and 2 other medium dogs were breathing heavy and couldnt sit still. Its almost like someone was pinching their butts and then they would run. It didnt phase my bull mastiff thank god. I have been giving them all a bath daily and they seem to be coming around except for the oldest 🙁 How dare anyone keep these on the shelves for sale. My 16 yr old dog can die just because someone wants to make a buck. I would have never expected this from Hartz and I am sure going to be a nonsense and spread the word. I was talking the employees at Publix which have experienced the same. This is disgusting and thats coming from someone who really loves her dogs… Not even winning a potential law suit can compensate for my loss. What can we do? There has to be something.


  1. I put this on my cat last year, she had a chemical burn and lost all of the fur on the back of her neck. She was lethargic for a few days , but came out of it o.k., thank god! After reading these other stories I’m appauled that this stuff is still on the shelves! Our animals are members of our families! I have a frien who almost lost her kitty to this same thing last week. There has to be something we can do! I’m thinking of calling the humane society and getting picket lines started outside of all of the stores who are still selling this poison! Its disgusting!!!

  2. The Same thing happened to my two dogs! My Shih Tsu is still panting after three baths. I pray that she gets through this. Hartz should be closed down completely! They are torturing animals, its so wrong.

  3. It gets worse. First dog my Schnauzer was $274.00 vet bill to cure the allergic skin reaction she got from this crap. My second lil pooch was $125.00 vet bill because h could not move his back legs – they prescribed him a muscle relaxer. My third baby – my 16 year old chihuahua (you son of a bi___) is in the hospital because she can not regain regular breathing.. That vet bill $388.48 for now…. And the issue isnt the vet bill because when my dogs are sick I have to do whatever needs doing. But its the ignorance of idiots like Hartz and the EPA who knowingly allow these things to happen… You all are out there living the good life while I am here crying my heart out in hopes that my lil fatty princess makes it to see 17 years of life….

  4. I am sorry that you had to go through this ordeal. But I did want to let you know why the products are still on the shelves. Our pets are considered PROPERTY so the laws governing what can go in their food, medication, and other products are not as tightly regulated. The fact that this product is still on the shelf is just another sign why we as pet owners need to do something for our four legged friends. Our pets are not PROPERTY but until we can get laws passed that states otherwise, companies like Hartz will literally be able to get away with murder.

  5. We put Hartz Shurgard on our 8 month old kitten Sunday and then all day yesterday we noticed he was not acting like himself. He acted like he was having hallucinations, his back muscles were twitching and his eyes were dialated. My daughter googled spot on flea treatment and found this site. When she realized what was going on we took him to the 24hour emergency vet at 1:00 in the morning. He is still there today – Tuesday and we don’t know when he will come home. The vet said if we had waited until morning he would have started having seizures and his chances of recovery would have been very poor. We still don’t know when he’ll be Ok to come home. Thank you for this website…it has hopefully saved our kitty’s life. How shameful of Hartz to keep this product on the shelf!!

  6. My mom put Sergeants flea and tick drops on my rat terrier and my chihuahua yesterday afternoon plus her 3 dogs. When I got home my chihuahua [9 years old] was acting very strangely. She wouldn’t get up and walk. She would only crawl across the floor and she kept scratching at her neck and ear with her back foot like she was burning. And she kept licking and biting at that back foot like it had been asleep and was waking up. She will drink water but won’t go get something to eat. She will eat a bite of something if I give it to her. I found this site last night and when I told her about it she immediately washed her 3 dogs and we also washed my two. My rat terrier is fine. He wasn’t as bad affected by it as my chihuahua. I took her to the vet this morning because she is still not acting like she should. She was a little better last night after washing her with Dawn dishwashing liquid, but she is still not completely ok. I am hoping that she is going to come out of this just fine because I love my dogs! I think this company should have to reimburse us for any medical expenses that we incur since this is due to their product.

  7. All this that I am reading is terrible. I used Dawn dish washing liquid on my dogs as well. I made a comment in Publix and this gentleman told me they use Dawn for their outside dogs and that it worked great against fleas and all.
    I totally agree about getting reimbursed but most importantly of all they need to stop selling these products… I have decided to write to the corporate offices of Publix, Winn- Dixie, CVS and all those that sell this product and ask that they help us in this battle to band this product until it is 100% safer. Thy can help – if they do not sell the product then Hartz wont make money and then this small this slap will wake someone up and have them actually do something… If any one agrees feel free to write to the corporate offices and I may want to try to make a public notice of these events to one of our tv channels and see if that helps… something has to work… Hope everyones pooch and kitties are all better… xoxo (OMG That picture below of TJ is so depressing…)

  8. I put some of the Hartz flea and tick treatment on my two dogs. One of them is still having tremors, nearly a month later? Will he be this way permanently? DON’T USE HARTZ! I am going to tell everyone about this. I feel awful about it.

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