Hartz Ultra Guard

I vowed to spread this story to as many people as I could and I intend to stick with that.

I was using Revolution to treat my 3.5 year old collie for fleas/ticks, but at $20/month thought it was a little pricey. I happened to be at a grocery store where Hartz Ultra Guard was on sale and I thought, “wow, $10 for three months? That’s awesome.”

I got home and put it on his upper back/lower back as stated on the package. Within a day he was scratching at it and acting weird. I looked at it and noticed a giant sore developing – looked like a burn mark.

I called the vet on Monday (six-days after administering this product). I already had him booked in for Tuesday for his routine shots/physical so the vet said he’d be OK until the next day.

I took him in and he had to be shaved on his lower back and put on antibiotics. The place between his shoulder blades was just a little burnt, so it didn’t need to be shaved.

After reading all the posts here and various other places on the Internet, I consider myself and my dog very luck that it wasn’t much worse. My vet said the fact that he has good weight behind him was likely reason why it wasn’t more severe.

I plan to contact all the stores that I can, that sell this product to tell them of the dangers in hopes that they will discontinue the sale of them. I’ve told everyone I could and sent photos along to whoever would accept them.

It’s safe to say I’ll be paying the $20/month for revolution and never purchasing another Hartz product again, this includes toys/treats. I will not support a company like this. If this is what they put into their flea medication I don’t even want to know w hat’s in their treats.

My dog is so important to me, and I’m so very grateful it wasn’t worse.

3 thoughts on “Hartz Ultra Guard”

  1. i just got back from the vet because my cat was poisoned by the hartz product. he started shaking and twitching. why do they sell this poison and call it a solution to fleas? i will find any way i can to put these people out of business. i love my animals and trusted hartz…..NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  2. I was in albertson grocery store and saw they had hartz products and I was going to buy some for cats and a dog. I just bought advantage and it was expensive so thought I would try hartz since it was cheaper, not thinking it would be dangerous to my animnals. I came home just to check it out andwhat I found on the website was terrible. I will not be buying any hartz products, I love my animials to much. I can not believe they are allowed to sell their product after reading about what harm it has done to animals. I am so glad I checked it out before buying it. thank you donna webb

  3. Yesterday we gave our animals this treatment and then we found this site! We were so worried and monitored them all night. They all seemed to be fine, my male cat however was breathing heavy and I bathed his neck where we put the medicine with luke warm water. Today he’s become lively again but I’m wondering if there’s a longterm affect this stuff might cause? 🙁

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