Hartz UltraGuard poisoning

I received the following via email from HartzVictim, Dylan:

“Last night we were just hanging out at the house when I noticed what I thought was a small scab on one of our dog’s ears.  When I was able to get a closer look I saw that it was actually a very small tick.  We proceeded to remove it and inspect the rest of our animals.  After all of that we decided that we should go to the store to get some kind of repellant for them, we are new to Arkansas and never had to do this in Colorado.

We found the Hartz products at our local store and proceeded to buy them because we didn’t know any better.  After we got home we used the Harz UltraGuard plus on all of our dogs and our cat.  Within one hour our cat started to breathe really heavy and it sounded like it was taking a lot of effort for him to do so.  Ten minutes latter he started to foam at the mouth and started to act strangely, running around spastically, twitching a lot, shaking and started to vomit up foamy liquids.  We immediately went to the internet and found your site.  After reading a few of the stories we grabbed the cat and proceed to give him a good scrubbing in the kitchen sink.  After we got done with his bath and got him mostly dry he seemed to be doing better immediately, no more foaming at the mouth, no twitching, just some heavy breathing.  Upon awaking this morning there were a few spots where he had gotten sick throughout the night, but he does seem to be doing quite better this morning.

We are glad that we found this website and that we are not the only ones out there that experienced this problem.  The dogs seemed to be ok and tolerated the medication better, but regardless they also received baths.  I can’t believe that so many people experience issues with this product and its still on the shelves, WITHOUT ANY KIND OF WARNING!  I wasn’t even able to find out common side effects for their products on the website, what a F~**ing joke. I will let everyone I know not to use these products, so that their animals don’t have to go though the pain like my cat did.  Thank you for this website.”

4 thoughts on “Hartz UltraGuard poisoning”

  1. You dummy. It says clearly on the back of the container “do not use on cats.” To bad your animals have a nimrod for an owner. Chemicals are not to be taken lightly.

  2. They do make Hartz for cats. And I used it and my cats almost died!!!!!!! I used it as the package stated and within a couple hours my cats were both foaming at the both, unable to control bowel and urine and began having violent seizures uncontrolably. I will be looking to seriously get involved in taking action against this company. My cats nearly died and almost $1000 in vet bills saved the, This product should be taken off the market!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Author: You made a mistake. I don’t think you guys should be critiqued because anyone can make mistakes. Here’s some info about the above product. It’s home spray not pet spray. It says on the front in bold letters “Home Spray” and on the back it says harmful to everything, even people! It is strictly for rugs and floors. Use it on a day you and the pets leave the house for a few hours.

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