Sergeant’s Silver Tick Topical

I have a 6 1/2 yr. old pug. I usually use Frontline, but I happened to be at the Acme and purchased this product because of convenience. Within 1 hr., he started salivating, scratching uncontrolably and bitting his own front paws and breathing louder than normal (and pugs are loud to begin with). The next morning, I called my vet who said I should administer .25mg of Benedryl. He got sleepy, but it didn’t help his itching. In the middle of the night, he started twitching as if he had no control, and was obviously extremely uncomfortable. I went to the ER where they gave him a shot of steroids and muscle relaxers and said he wouldn’t die since he didn’t go into a spasm or fit, but it would take days for this POISON to get out of his system. I went on-line and was horrified by what I read ! I’m now in the process of contacting every agency and news media I can muster!

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  1. I put sergeants silver on my 9 month old rott pup.. within one day she now has a baseball sized raw spot on her back where i applied it to her.. wtf? ive been washing it but it only looks worse. off to the vet we go.. thanks alot sergeants! why is this trash still on the shelves?? Dont Buy It if you care for your pets.

  2. I have 2 pugs and yes I was being cheap and bought the HArtz (btw, why in the HELL are there advertisements on this PAGE??) Anyway, short story, my female fainted so took her in and her red blood cell count was very low. Went though every thing she couldve ingested i.e. rat pioson, asprin, oinion… nothing. Not sure if its related but I’m going to mention it to the vet tomorrow at her 3rd check up. It just hit me tonight that she may have licked it off her brother so I started reading up and now I’m really nervous because I just gave them another treatment!

  3. Go to hell, Hartz & Sergeants. I used the Sergeant’s Gold on my two Boxers (both way above the lower weight limit) and they’ve been in agony for 2 days. It burned them like acid and my vet says it’s in their bloodstream and will just have to run its course. He also says he gets up to half a dozen similar calls per month and that this wonderful product is unique because it’s approved by the EPA (you know, those guys doing such a wonderful job on the oil spill) and not the FDA (those wondeful guys who want to take your vitamins away). If animal rights activists can throw blood on people wearing fur, does that mean it’s okay for me to confront the board members of these nefarious corporations and douse them in their own caustic product? It’s safe, right? So they have nothing to worry about.
    Although when I washed (and washed and washed and washed) my dogs my hands and arms started having a strange burning sensation.
    It just goes to show you….the best way to kill ticks and fleas is to eradicate the life form the pests are currently residing upon.

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