Tell EPA to Stop Poisoning Pets!

On March 17, the EPA announced the results of its year-long investigation of spot-on pet products, and put forth a proposal to make spot-on products safer for pets.   The proposal includes label changes and stricter regulations for spot-on products, including requiring pre-market clinical trails, post-market surveillance, and more comprehensive companion animal safety studies.

For more information on the EPA’s proposal, go to:

This action is long overdue, however, there is a possibility that it will never happen because the pet pesticide manufacturers are opposed to stricter regulation of their industry!

The EPA wants to know what YOU think about its plan to make spot-on products safer for pets.  To submit comments to the EPA, go to:

The fate of EPA’s proposal to make spot-on products safer for pets may largely depend on comments from the public, which includes the pet pesticide manufacturers and YOU!

Comments must be submitted by 5/17/10.

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