gold flea & tick kills

I put it on my two cats, one has sadly died, It looks like the other one might make it.One hour after applying, both cats bodies started to twith badly . All that I could do was wash off as much as I could. I would apply wet damp cloths after that.We need to stop this, I have never had this happen in the past applications. TAKE THIS OFF THE SHELF PLEASE ! My little red would still be alive.

2 thoughts on “gold flea & tick kills”

  1. I am so sorry to read that other people have lost thier pets just as I did in February. The EPA and Seargent’s clearly know of this problem with these products. How many more family pets have to die? I dread to hear of any more animals suffering.

  2. Thank you Melanie for that comment. From now on I am going to look for natural products,for flea & tick control. Like cedar oil. I don’t know why this is happening , must be greed.By the way, My other cat (Amber) made it !!!!! she is doing fine , and her hair is growing back. God bless you all.

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