Hartz products are not safe

I used hartz flea treatment on my Labrador Retriever and within 8 hours her back was burned from the chemicals. I had to take her to the vet and spent more than $300.00 to have her treated and several weeks of watching her suffer. I called the hartz number and made them aware of what had happened they did not offer any solutions or any help. She had to be shaved for the chemical burns. Hartz was not symapathetic these products should be removed from the shelf. It was one small tube used on my pet and it was very painful to have to doctor her to see how much pain she went through. It is shameful what is happening to all of our beloved pets I personally will never use another hartz product to treat any of my animals I trusted Hartz before this happened to my pet but after they tortured my dog who had permanent scarring from this everyone needs to know what will happen to your pet and that you will personally suffer if you care about your pets. Its not worth it check with your vet and find a good product for your pets.

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  1. I just read these articles; I put Hartz on my dog 15 minutes ago and just washed him off with anitbacterial soap and warm water; WHAT PRODUCT IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR FLEAS, TICKS AND MOSQUITOES; I have a cat also; I didn’t medicate him; I have 2 Hartz flea & tick collars; now I won’t use them. WHAT TO DO??? PLEASE ADVISE

  2. I put the Sergeant’s Gold on my cat and over night he looked like he had chemical burns on the back of his neck and all the hair fell off. I made it to this site then decided to give him a bath…and wow was that fun. I should heal within the week though, and having an alive persian cat is worth it.

    When I got done, I found out that I still had my ZODIAC Spot On Flea & Tick Control from last year. This stuff worked great and I’ve never noticed any side effects. I guess I won’t try other flea & tick products.

    I hope this helps all who read it.

  3. We once used a Hartz flea treatment on a kitten. Not long after the kitten started showing signs of mental problems that it did not have before the flea treament. Sure it was flea free but the poor thing became mentally retarded. The vet told us that kind of thing has happened before and to never use a Hartz product, we haven’t used them again. It was a perfectly healthy kitten before we treated it and afterward it would sit and drool, was often unresponsive, and over about a year it got so bad we had to put him down because he was in such poor mental health. He actually went crazy from the treatment. I wish we would have known earlier, because our other cat lost his buddy because of Hartz.

  4. Last night I put the Hartz Silver on my 10 year old ShihTzu. Within a very short period of time he starting whining, shaking his head uncontrollably, salivating, pacing, circling, digging. No doubt a reaction to the Hartz Silver. I immediately went out on the web and found numerous sites about the dangers of this product. I can’t believe I poisoned my dog! I immediately went and got some blue Dawn and childrens benedryl. Gave him a good bath and have been giving him benedryl doses. I’ve been trying to get him to drink as much as possible so he can urinate out the toxins. This is awful. I can’t believe this product is still on the store shelves. I want to go to all the local stores and hang a sign by their products that it will kill your pet. I hope my dog will recover soon. It’s awful to see him like this and not know what he’s feeling inside of his body.

  5. I would ask your vet or go to the one of the major brand pet stores that treat pet problems for proper advice. I have had good results with advantage flea products but I will never use Hartz again and it amazes me that these products are still on the shelf at stores. I still to this day experience grief over what the Hartz flea product did to my dog. Hartz deserves to be sued for causing all of this pain to these animals. obviously Hartz does not realize they are destroying the lives of families as well as the pets since most pets are members of the family.

  6. This is the first I’ve seen childrens benedryl mentioned, is this a recommended do-it-yourself home treatment?

  7. No my vet told me to use it for my dog and also said it wouuld help sooth my dogs stomach. He also said it might cause them to get a little drowsy but It would depend on the size and weight of the dog on the dosage you use. My spaniel had a reaction to cedar when she was 7 weeks old and I gave her about half the dosage he said to give to my chihuaha and her wheezing got better the next day I had to give her another dose and after that she was fine. It has worked on several dogs that I have and I would check with a vet on the proper dosage on a particular breed. I used a dropper that was measured in cc so the dosage would definitely depend on the dog. I keep it on hand all the time.

  8. After using (hartz, rid flea control,home spray) around my home and i guess stupidly on my coat~(which was hung up in the closet for two days)i started to wear the coat for about two days, on the third day i started to experience flu like symptoms, fever,night sweats followed by muscle and skin soreness and now am covered in bumps on my head and a rather nasty rash covering my upper body!!!
    PEOPLE BEWARE these products are not desirable!!!

  9. After treating my cat with Hartz Ultra Guard I found a huge scab on his back a couple of days later where I had applied the Hartz. I was astounded that this product would do that. I did some internet searching and found a few sites like this one. This stuff should be pulled off the shelves. I’ll never buy another Hartz product again

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